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Lori Goldberg has been painting since the 1980s, consistently focusing on the material object’s relationship with the environment. 

Her alarm over how throw-away societies impact the environment works into her current artwork. By integrating the remnants of our belongings into pieces that echo traditional landscape techniques, her paintings point out that beauty is ephemeral, and what we discard never really disappears. 

Goldberg’s multimedia work has exhibited across Canada and Europe. She has received several major commissions and awards, including a Canada Council Grant, two Tony Onley Artists’ Project scholarships, Vermont Artists Award and .

As an artist, Goldberg has always sought intersections with broader communities, developing collaborative and mutually instructive inquiries about how art can impact positive environmental changes. She served for three years as the Provincial Representative of C.A.R./F.A.C, a Canada-wide advocacy and education NPO. As well, she is a founding director of the Vancouver Salish Sea Artist Residency, and she spearheaded a permanent installation at a local Vancouver park. 

Over the last two decades, Goldberg has taught at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and frequently presented at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. 

Space Junkies
Resurrected elements derived from our mounds of refuse that gets discarded and forgotten.
Plastic Pile High
From my own garbage I have taken the plastic packaging and with heat, fused it to canvas and seme peeled away transferring the ink of logos and other information found on the plastic onto canvas.
Where Do We Go From Here?
\Taking what is called rubbish and finding the beauty in the discarded, but at the same time bringing attention about the issues we are facing on a global weather around climate change.
Fish Gone Rogue
Plastics journey in our waterways
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Lori Goldberg
Beneath the Water Lies the Truth
A riff on Monet's lily pond, imagining present time but from the bottom of the pond looking up into the sunlight, a sacred space only to be disrupted by a floating plastic bag and a yogurt tube.
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New York City
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