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My art practice predominantly focus’s on spacial cultures, with a particular interest in liminal and peripheral topographies. I am fascinated by places and structures that lie on the margins of human habitation.

I see my work as being grounded in an archaeology of the recent past, in a space where I can uncover hidden layers of meaning within the everyday in order to create a sense of unease that can question the fragility of the human environment.

My work examines the in-between spaces and edgelands that lie at the intersection of the urban and rural. I see these topographies and structures as an ‘architecture of the periphery’ and an allegorical reference for time, change and history. They also speak to the interrelationship between the built and natural world and the conflict that sometimes exists in that space.

I like to challenge normative perceptions of landscape painting through the prism of unusual structures and topographies. For me, many of these places represent a kind of ‘otherness’ in an often overlooked environment.

Most of my paintings are fictional and imagined landscapes where I amalgamate different places and ideas into a metaphorical space to reflect upon wider socio-geographic issues such as ecological degradation, alterity, peripherality and speculative future landscapes.

'Allegories are, in the realm of thought, what ruins are in the realm of things. Walter Benjamin'
Distant Lines
180 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, 2023
Speculative Artefact
100 x 80 cm, oil on canvas, 2022
Trace Elements
180 x180 cm, oil on canvas, 2022
170 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, 2023
Neon Twilight
40 x40 cm, oil on canvas, 2024

Pascal Ungerer is a visual artist from West Cork, Ireland.  He specialises in large scale oil painting.  In 2018 he completed a scholarship funded MFA at Goldsmiths University London.

He has exhibited his work extensively throughout Europe. Recent shows include his solo exhibition ‘Speculative Artefacts’ which took place at the Uillinn West Cork Art Centre in Ireland. He also recently showed work at the Saatchi Gallery in London for the Robert Walters UK New Artist of The Year Awards where he was one of 10 shortlisted finalists from across the UK and Ireland.

He has won, been shortlisted and long-listed for many other awards including the Alliance Franciase de Cork Exhibition Award, The Jacksons Painting Prize, the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, The Solo Award, The Alpine Fellowship, The Sunny Art Prize, The ACS Studio Prize and The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize.

He has received funding awards  from The Arts Council of Ireland, Cork County Council, Cork City Council, Culture Ireland and Goldsmiths University London.

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