Viktoria Nygren

Viktoria Nygren

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I find symbols fascinating, somehow new and old at the same time, they connect directly to deep personal references at the same time as they contains the whole world and it’s history.

Symbols speak to humans in a language of their own, at the same time shared over cultures and yet different in a way that is subtle and difficult to explain, they convey large amounts of information in a second to anyone how sees them.

Colours work in a different wave length then symbols but are in themselves charged with symbolism. Colours speak of traditions, cultures, values, beauty, ugliness, sentiments, personal experiences and the impression is highly individual for me as well as for the receiver of the work.

Textile paint, velvet application on silk taffeta. Size ca 135x170cm
Perfect Storm
Textile paint, textile print, velvet application on silk taffeta. Size ca 135x 178cm
Textile paint, silk application on silk taffeta. Size ca 135x175cm


I started in the honest spot, wordless and intuitively formulating what I couldn’t put words to. 

Not constructing or seeking to please anyone but me.

I try to express something deeply personal that I believe can resonate in others, the inner turmoil of ourselves crashing and grappling with the outer world.

I draw inspiration from the abstract expressionalism of the 60’s and 70’s, popart and fashion.

In my work process I let circomstance and intuition show me where to go, listening to the colours, shapes, material, to myself.

I work with colours and symbols, movement and layers expressing the full orchestra of simultanous impressions, choices, emotions and actions that make up our every day existence.

The love for textile and shape started at a young age, six years, hanging around the rehearsals of operas that my mother directed I found the costumes and the making of costumes to be my paradise.

Designing textiles for stage, fashion and interior for 30 years is where my knowledge of  both expression and techniques comes from, using familiar materials available to me, application techniques, textiles and textile colours and dye, lacquer, glue.

I work with mixed media, prefer to work on the floor and use any technique that will give the expression I am searching for, I experiment with applications, carve, scribble and throw paint to reach my intention.

United States
United States
New York
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Poulton Le Fylde
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