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Daniel is a multi faced portrait of singer/songwriter Daniel Angelus.  Part of my Special People portraits series, where I am inspired by creative muses.  Individuals of creative talents and who have the inner strength to be themselves in their ventures against personal and environmental odds.  Daniel has struggled with mental health and is an outspoken advocate for mental health and his subsequent high achievements.  I thought this an apt portrait for the current global climate.  Where due to Covid 19 many are having to to confront themselves and emotional, familial and societal issues maybe previously hidden behind distractions.  Many people are facing extreme extended periods of isolation and confronting loneliness.  A visual narrative can bridge a gap when there are no words.

The Loves of Chel

Tracy Watts' idiosyncratic paintings provide a psychological confrontational, and emotive response to the figurative. Instantly recognisable in style, providing representations of art historic narratives plunged into modernity.

Watts' new body of work 'Special People’ turned towards portraiture with a flourish of flamboyance and attitude. Creative muses entice her with their strength, individuality and talents. From the visual arts, music, performance art, burlesque.

Watts' contextual passion came to the fore whilst studying for a MA Degree in Painting. Researching contextual symbolics, such as Foliage, landscapes, still life objects and animals, as well as aesthetics of Renaissance and Mannerists. Expanding her imagination onto the visual plane.

Exhibited in the UK and Internationally in both solo and group shows, in the UK and Internationally. In 2005 winning the prestigious International Open Art prize. Her robust female nudes have made her popular inclusion in International Women's Day exhibitions and feminist dialogue shows. In 2019 joining the esteemed Flux exhibition in London. Followed by the Asylum II at the Crypt Gallery, London.

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