Dylan A. Francisco DeCastro

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My latest series of work, "Over the Rainbow", deals with the numerous emotional experiences that I have felt during multiple grieving processes. The focus of these works are self-reflection and a recollection of key moments in my life. 

All abundance starts first in the mind. - Unknown
Other emotions one may feel while grieving is disassociation and the feeling of being empty. This piece overall is meant to capture a mental block to the world, where I felt as if I was incapable to feel like anything is real.
My Medicine
This work represents my personal grief that I had dealt with regarding my grandfather who passed away in 2019. The distinct memory the work talks about is a time when I was younger and I had tried to convince my grandfather to quit smoking. Being young and not understanding addiction was a hard concept since I just had the mindset that smoking just equals bad without learning about the other factors of how my grandfather could not stop. In his words to me, he said that the cigarette was his “medicine”.
The words "Good Things are Coming" are treated as a self mantra that through any peaceful or chaotic time, there is always something better coming.

Throughout my art journey, I feel as if my work was a personal diary detailing growth and development, just in a visual form.

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