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Eloísa Ballivian paintings think about pop culture as a force of nature. In large scale, her paintings take over the viewer like a wave centered in the gaze. Her paintings look at us from a dream-like world, where thoughts are present as emotions trapped in time. Eloisa's artwork begins as photographs whose take on  a new life as paintings, where objects travel to their new life where they become sentient beings. Her cars and plants exude emotion, making us travel to the California as a sensual desert of flying cars that looms in our wet techie dreams.
Born in Argentina, Eloisa grew up between Madrid and Buenos Aires, and she recently relocated in Los Angeles.

"Asplenium Nidus" 200 x 200 cm, 2018.
Part of the "Horror vacui" exhibition. http://art.mirandabosch.com/exhibicion/22-horror-vacui (Text available)
Work Credit: 
Eloisa ballivian.
"time", 180 x 120 cm, 2018.
http://art.mirandabosch.com/exhibicion/22-horror-vacui Part of the horror vacui series.
Work Credit: 
Eloisa ballivian
United States
Vero Beach
United States



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