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Facemotions is a collection of portraits with a focus on the representation of the person's feelings onto the skin.Exhibited in New York, USA, Pondicherry, INDIA and Villequiers, FRANCE

France born and New York based visual artist Stephanie Corne has had her paintings and multimedia work exhibited in different venues across France, India, and the United States. In December 2019, Fusion Art featured Corne’s “Force of Nature” (acrylic on canvas) in their 5th Annual Colorful Abstractions International Online Juried Art Exhibition.

In her multi media work, including “Embodiment,” “Facemotions,” and the “Vitiligo” project, Stephanie Corne transformed the traditional canvas workspace into a multidimensional stage, painting her subjects in real time. The three projects garnered significant attention for their evocative content, social commentary and innovative presentation format, sometimes combining still photography, digital video and choreographed story elements to document her subjects. CNN and both shared Corne’s “Vitiligo” project. The Facemotions portraits mix her paintings used as backdrops, photography and body paint. Stephanie Corne believes feelings shape our lives. They leave invisible markings, wounds and beauty onto our face. She wanted to reveal them in one unique way to understand portrait making of women who greatly needed to express their inner self.

Facemotions portrait of Maud
Facemotions portrait of Maddie
Facemotions portrait of Jessica
Facemotions portrait of Birgid
Facemotions portrait of Hillary
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