J. Mane Gallery invites submissions for its Abstracts online juried art exhibition.

Abstract art uses the visual language of shapes, form, color and texture to create a composition that is independent from visual references in the world.  It can mean anything in an artist's emotional life they want it to mean.  It awakens our curiosity as viewers about the limits of our imagination.

We invite you to submit work that best represents your interpretation of Abstract art.  All artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best art and photography.

Dates and Deadlines 

  • Deadline for Entries: March 30, 2024

Abstract - Physical Group Exhibition

This open call is for a physical group exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Gallery Oxford.


ST. LOUIS ART GALLERY OXFORD invites all visual artists from around the world to submit work for our 12th group exhibition in Oxford, UK.

Eligibility: UK & International Artists

Theme: Abstract

Work Medium: 2D Works - All Visual Arts

Work Size: Up to 50m x 50cm

UK & International Artists

· All works must be artist’s original works and copyright.

· To ensure security in displaying, the work size must be up to 50cm x 50cm, including frame and hanging hardware.

· All works must be suitably framed and ready for installation. (Canvas or Framed).

Unveiling The Layers

For our first group show of 2024, we’ve chosen to explore the intriguing notion of ‘layers’ as the focal point and how they can be interpreted and showcased through different art forms.

The Abstract Image

Call For Entry: The Abstract Image

International Submission Deadline:
December 15th, 2023 11:59 PST

The Abstract Image highlights the transformative power of abstraction in photography, allowing us to break free from reality and explore the myriad possibilities within non-representational states. This theme invites artists to push the boundaries of photographic art by exploring alternative, experimental, or even accidental elements of the captured image that exhibit photography’s ability to serve as a conduit for visual metaphor and personal expression.

Chancel Art Commission - Call for Artists

Northminster Presbyterian Church requests qualifications to commission abstract artwork meant to facilitate faithful meditation to fill a 12’ high by 10’ wide church chancel wall. Below you'll find information on who we are as well as details on the space and scope of the project. You'll also find information on how you can submit an application. Additional reference material and a downloadable copy of this information is available at our website.

Who we are:




Entry Deadline | May 31ST, 2023

Notice of Acceptance | June 12TH, 2023

Exhibition Dates | July 15TH – 29TH, 2023


Theme: The Abstract Image | Juror: Ellen Jantzen

‘An abstract photograph draws away from that which is realistic or literal. It draws away from natural appearances and recognizable subjects in the actual world. Some people even say it departs from true meaning, existence, and reality itself. It stands apart from the concrete whole with its purpose instead depending on conceptual meaning and intrinsic form.' John Suler


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