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FIRE is the focus of NAHR 2024.

Fire, as an elemental force that has shaped the very fabric of existence on Earth, permeates every aspect of all life forms. From the depths of the Earth’s core to the celestial bodies that adorn the skies, fire is an omnipresent phenomenon.

Recreate Open Call


We had an exhibition earlier this  year with artworks created by artists and by AI shown next to each other.

This time we would like to go a little deeper into exploring the AI.

We would like to see your art AND descriptions to your art.

Then we will ask the AI to create paintings with the same description (we will try to match the style, too - as long as it is possible).

You can submit any art on any topic; anything you created and you wish to challenge the AI with.

Let’s see where human perception is compared to the AI perception!




November 23, 2023



November 25, 2023


UNTITLED 18 Call for Art: SooVAC’s 18TH Annual Juried Show

UNTITLED 18: SooVAC’s 18TH Annual Juried Show

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, November 30th, 2023, at 11:59 pm.

SooVAC is now taking submissions for Untitled 18, one of our flagship exhibition series. SooVAC invites guest jurors with local, national, and international reputations to select work from open submissions. Untitled offers artists the opportunity to work with a professional art space and influential art figures toward producing an exhibition with a highly regarded reputation. We accept all mediums from artists at any stage in their careers. The work will be selected from the submitted work samples, so make sure that the work is available for exhibition.

"Portraits" the virtual 3D exhibition

Worldwide Artist Open call

Portraits show, in a subjective way, how the artist sees the person he painted. But portraits can also contain an imagined story. In that case, the portrait is a self-expression of the artist.  Each of the stories in Portrait  address the rich and complex conditions of contemporary life, creating a space in which we can deepen our understanding of the world and its edges.

We ​are now accepting submissions for our 3D Virtual Exhibition "Portraits". Any artist from any background can submit any of their work. We accept work in all types of techniques: painting, drawing, collage, digital art, photography, video, sculpture. There is no charge to submit your application, please feel free to share your work with us.



What does the future look like to the artist? 

Ancient and recent history have saw artists become the catalysts of change that lead the way through various political, cultural and socio-economic developments; with the most recent and controversial development being the introduction of NFTs and digital art into mainstream society.

Alongside this interconnected relationship between artist, artwork and their society, the artist uses the visual cultural means available to them. The process of creating, of finding peer support, or any sculpted form become dependent on the level of development of the society the artist occupies.

OPEN CALL 2024 | Annual Grant Residency Program ZARATAN AIR

OPEN CALL 2024 | Annual Grant
Residency Program ZARATAN AIR

DEADLINE | September 15 until October 31, 2023 (24h00)

ELIGIBILITY | Emerging and professional artists, performers, musicians, curators, writers and other cultural agents are eligible to apply. The residency program is designed for international artists - or national artists residing abroad - for the development of artistic projects, individual or collective. Zaratan defends a multidisciplinary and experimental attitude, where all the areas and the languages of the artistic expression are considered.

DURATION | 4 weeks

GRANT | Once a year Zaratan offers a 4 weeks residency grant, which cover the studio and accommodation fees for one artist selected through the applications process.


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