Gallery Ring ALIVE Online Juried Art Exhibition

Gallery Ring announces a contest devoted to anything that is ALIVE.  Work that depicts living things or beings ranging from flowers and plants to animals and humans is eligible.
The fee is $20 US for 1-3 pieces.  The deadline to submit work is Thursday, May 26th, 2022.

Open Call for Artists

After 75 years of striving for nuclear abolition by Pax Christi International and many other movements, the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force on 22 January 2021. Our campaign is part of international momentum towards a world free of nuclear weapons. 




Pax Christi International is launching an Open Call for Artists, inviting young people to contribute in a creative way to our effort to finally getting rid of nuclear weapons!  




Creating a video or a digital artwork seeking to convince states that have not joined the treaty to do so as soon as possible. 54 countries have already officially said no to nukes, let's keep going!




jumpthegap® Roca International Design Competition

jumpthegap®, Roca’s international design competition, has always had a forward-looking approach, seeking to promote the creativity and talent of students and professionals to devise creative, innovative and radical products through a multidisciplinary and intercultural vision.

However, the concept of the future has now changed. We are currently facing different challenges as individuals and as a society. Some of them are unexpected, such as those caused by the pandemic. Others are of growing and vital importance, such as preserving the planet we live on, supporting its diversity, or fighting poverty and hunger…

SOLO Art Contest

Gallery Ring is excited to announce the return of the SOLO ART CONTEST!!     

Artists worldwide are invited to submit a portfolio of their work for consideration.  
(Fee $30.00 US)

The portfolio must present an organized and cohesive collection of 8 pieces of artwork.  The pieces should demonstrate consistency and continuity from one to the next either by subject, theme or concept and/or by an obvious signature style, method or technique throughout.  The portfolio should offer a fair representation of the artistic vision and message the artist wishes to portray.  The subject matter is the choice of the artist.        



Il Varco is glad to inaugurate the eight edition of Prisma Art Prize, a quarterly award with cash prizes for artists from all around the world that will become a collective exhibition for the first time in June 2021 in Rome.

Organized with the goal of creating a space for visual artists to share their work with hundreds of colleagues from all around the world, it offers 2000€ in cash awards every year, purchase prizes and packages of services worth 2500€ from Biafarin and Vivivacolors in four seasonal competitions and an online gallery where the artworks are put on display forever.

The 3rd Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition

New York Art Competitions are pleased to announce the opening of the Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition. Fine artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, the Latin American diaspora, and artists residing in any of the above, are invited to submit their works for a chance to be selected for promotional awards designed to boost their careers.

This year’s awards include a participation in a collective exhibition in New York, an Art Fair, cash prizes and online promotion. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital, printing, and mixed media are eligible. All submitted artwork must be available for sale.

Submissions are accepted from July 26th to April 13th, 2021.


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