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BOND 2020 International Virtual Live Performance Festival





What do you miss the most from the pre-COVID times? For many international artists whose regions have been influenced by the pandemic, the estrangement between people feels deepened than ever since the in-person performances and gigs are being canceled and postponed. You may feel stuck at the current stage with no place to showcase your works and you may desire the quality communications with artists who are sharing your emotions. Therefore, the B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival is born. It aims to bring works from creators like you to broader audiences from all around the world; It also enables audiences to enjoy these performances while staying at home.


The literal meaning of “BOND” is a connection based on common interest, and creating social or emotional ties. Via this performance festival, we encourage you to reconceptualize the meanings of dimensions and virtuality, as well as rethink the essence of arts via online technologies. All disciplines of artworks are welcomed - whether they belong to traditional theatre art genres like play, opera, musical, improvisational theatre, physical theatre, dance theatre, puppetry, or it experiments with live cinema, performance art, and interactive installation art. With the social-distancing now being our new norm of life, we want to provide access and inspiration for crossing the boundaries of creating and viewing arts. We will also hold different events, including panel talks, round-table talks, and workshops throughout the festival.

Prizes Details: 

1. Some selected works will be provided with opportunities to perform in New York in the future. 2. Selected works will be reviewed by art critics and dramatic media in China and the US. 3. Selected works will be promoted by B·O·N·D official websites and collaborative media. 4. All teams in the festival will receive an official certificate awarded by B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival Committee.


Entry Fee:

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Open call for participants



From Home (2020-) is an independent curatorial project designed with the intention of gathering personal messages from people around the world.

Each postcard, letter, photograph, object, etc. sent, by post mail (to Portugal), will be photographed and displayed in the official pages of the project along with the personal message (if also sent).

Every person that participates will have their name credit on the text (when published) of the item they send.

Entry Fee:

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Call for Submissions: Global Dance Video



On April 30th, 2020, Mark DeGarmo Dance hosted Virtual Dance for Dance to connect with its global communities and raise money for its year-round programming. After the video broadcast, MDD held an open dance party on Zoom…

Click here for the first Global Dance Circle video

To continue to connect with our global communities, MDD is now seeking submissions for our next “Global Dance Circle” video! Professional and recreational dancers are all invited to submit a clip. To be included in MDD’s next "Global Dance Circle" video.


Please include (where applicable): 

Your name, as you would like it to appear in the video

Your Instagram to be tagged in the IGTV video

Your location (where in the world are you dancing from?)

Copyright © 2020 Mark DeGarmo. All Rights Reserved.

*Please note: Mark DeGarmo Dance has the ultimate decision of what is included in the final video. By submitting your video to Mark DeGarmo Dance, you are agreeing to: grant MDD all permissions to use, reproduce and publish said video indefinitely; to alter the same without restrictions; and to copyright the same. You also release MDD and its board of directors, officers, employees, legal representatives, and assigns from any and all such claims, actions, and liability relating to its use of said creative work, photographs, videotapes, and/or likeness.


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Open Call for Artists and Creative Practitioners to create fun and engaging online content for Milton Keynes Arts Centre



Milton Keynes Arts Centre is commissioning fun and engaging creative learning content for our website.

Application deadline: 30 May 2020
Shortlist week commencing 01 June 2020
Content delivery deadline: 19 June 2020*

*Content will be released weekly from Monday 29 June via our website and across our social channels.

We are seeking short artist-led workshops to follow at home, and practical demonstrations exploring a range of arts practice, aimed at our online communities. We would like to see proposals for content which encourages creative thinking and provides inspiration for our audiences.

These are extraordinary times and we are committed to supporting artists, creative practitioners and communities in Milton Keynes and beyond. If you have an idea you would like to discuss before making an application, please email us.

Artist brief – what we are looking for

Milton Keynes Arts Centre is keen that both our regular course participants and new online audiences have access to a program of creative learning opportunities in these times of isolation and social distancing.

We aim to commission artists to deliver content for online distribution, which will be free to the public and accessed through our website.

While we encourage experimentation, we would also welcome workshops and demonstrations which align with our currently on hold programme of creative courses

We require each piece of proposed content to be between 10–15 minutes. Artists will receive £75 artist fee inclusive of VAT, per content, which includes editing and prep time (equivalent to 3hours work). Please provide a minimum of 2 proposed sessions and maximum of 6; from which we will choose a selection. Please note we may only wish to commission one out of a possible 6 proposed workshops/ demos.

Materials costs will be reimbursed up-to a total of £5.00 per workshop or demonstration. Please include an outline of expenses as part of your proposal.

The £75 per workshop/ demonstration fee will cover all costs including:
Liaison with Milton Keynes Arts Centre
Production & editing

*We are aware that the timeframe for planning and post-production is limited, and understand you may not be able to develop new content. If this is the case, we are happy for workshops and demonstrations to be based on your current or previous work. However, ask that you please do not submit anything that is already available on your website, Vimeo, YouTube or other channels.

Editing and production
All proposed content must be able to be created safely within current government guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19.
For video and audio, we expect artists to have the equipment and skills to record and edit their own content.If you would like to supply a series of images and instructions, please note we will not consider word documents, low resolution jpegs or PDFs. Once shortlisted, we will provide a structure for work to be produced within.

Your proposal - please include the following
Max 200 word description: what will participants make/ what are the techniques/ effects you would like to demonstrate.
Who your content is for: adults, children, everyone?
What materials will someone watching from home need? Please provide some alternative solutions i.e. vegetable dyes instead of watercolours.
5 words or phrases which describe desired learning outcomes.
Equipment and/ or program specifications you intend to use.

Please also submit your CV and cover letter including a short outline of your past experience facilitating creative workshops including examples/ images, no more than 1 side of A4. This can be ‘offline’ workshops, however if you have experience hosting workshops digitally, please let us know.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
£75 artist fee
Contact & Links: 

Virtual Residency





Virtual residencies are week-long events in which up to six creative residents agree to work together, on their own projects, from their own homes.

During the week residents join together periodically, and on an ongoing basis, using technology. 

The residents that join might be working on anything from glass-blowing to poetry, oils to collage. Over the six days we will get to know one another, share our experiences of working from home and in isolation, and grow our projects separately, but together.

It's an unusual time. Our residency should be full of people, and it isn’t. You should be in your studio, or at work, or somewhere else, and you’re not. And, while there’s nothing we can do about that, being together and carrying on is something that we absolutely can do. 


Our priorities for the virtual residency:

A sense of togetherness

A space for the conversations that open our work up to others, and in turn to ourselves


Structure, when it might feel like there isn’t any.

Contact & Links: 

digiArts fest 2020 - Love in the time of Corona




Calling all Digital Artists in quarantine to submit to Demented Squirrel's digiArts fest 2020. Whilst the world rages outside, we sit still inside writing code, drawing up graphics and creating art, like always. This little festival, born in support of our currently flowering internet lives, is here to raise awareness of your digital rights and the organisations who work hard to protect them, never so important as now. We invite you to submit your art in whatever form /for free/ under the theme of Cyber liberty, and titled as Love in the time of Corona for an extra challenge, by MIDNIGHT GMT ON 25TH APRIL. We'll select 4 stunning works and feature them online for the whole month of May.

Prizes Details: 

Selected 4 showcased between 1st-31st May 2020 online and promoted on social media.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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