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Woman Scream Festival 2021-Global Call for Submission





Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) in its 11th. edition, opens its first call for video proposals to participate on the virtual events that will take place online, starting March 1st  throughout March  31st , 2021. The chosen theme for this season is: "Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine!"

“We, the WOMEN warriors, adapt to any circumstance. We stay strong, in the midst of the worst pandemic. We, who are indoors, quarantined with our abuser. We, the girls who live with those who mistreat us. We, the resilient of life. We, the strong WOMEN who don’t give up, who won’t be silenced, who will never give up or stay quieted! We are brave, we are art, we are hope, we are poetry, we are the SCREAM ”.


Participating Categories *:

Short/Micro Film
Video Poems
Micro Conferences
Micro Workshops (literature, art, women, etc.)
Short Theater
Visual Arts


This call is open from November 25th, 2020 to January 5th. 2021. (We won’t keep any contact with participants)


Who can participate:

People of any gender, age or nationality (Children with prior written permission of their parents only*) with one (1) proposal, filmed on video in any of these languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and / or German , preferably created exclusively for the festival.

We accept previously published works*, as long as they comply with the guidelines of this call and fit into any of the themes of Woman Scream Festival, as detailed below (*See notes):

-Single participation per category (One person can participate in up to two languages, same category).

-Video proposals related to the slogan of the 2021 festival will be accepted:

"Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine", a tribute to women and girls living in quarantine with their abusers, and / or similar topics within Woman Scream Festival themes.

-Proposals whose messages are focused from hope, in a positive way, will be valued. Raising self-esteem and strengthening women self-value messages are welcome to support those women and girls in truly need during difficult times.

-We do not accept proposals that visualize or promote violence in any way, or sexual, sexist nor offensive content. Woman Scream is a family-friendly event. Please take it into consideration before submitting.



-The chosen proposals will be included on the Woman Scream 2021 agenda for March, under any date according to global calendar availability.

-Event Promotion.

-Certificate of Appreciation sent to email of selected participants once the festival is over.


Time duration, by category:

-Short films (Brief. No established limit)
-Video-Poems (3 mins tops. Including greetings)
-Micro Conferences (15 mins tops).
-Micro Workshops (Topics of interest to the festival: literature, art, women, etc.) (15 mins tops).
-Short theater (monologue 5 mins tops. Group 15 mins tops).
-Performance (video 5 mins tops).
-Music (song, performance, solo or group, 1 piece)
-Dance (1 piece, solo or group)
-Visual Art (10 tops. including greeting)


Submission format

-You must upload the video to Vimeo or YouTube and send us the link.

-If selected, we will ask you to send us the video file through WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other, to download. If your content has Copyright, we’ll need your authorization to upload it on our YouTube and Facebook channels, for festival broadcasting use.

-You can record using a cell phone with good resolution or a digital/video camera.

Attachments must be in:

MPG4 format
Maximum Resolution (1080x72)
For publication on Social Networks (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

We’ll value creativity, relevance to festival’s subject, quality of presentation, image, lighting and sound.


If your proposal is selected

Additional attachments, besides downloadable video file, must be send:

-Short biography (5 lines tops)
-A good resolution photo
-Contact email (please double check email to avoid mistakes).
-Written authorization where you allow Woman Scream to use the material to promote the festival on its social networks and pages, indicating that you’re participating freely out of solidarity in compliance to guidelines.


Greetings to the festival


Each newly created video must contain a greeting or mention to the Woman Scream Festival 2021, indicating name, nationality and country of residence at the beginning (20 seconds or less)


If your proposal hasn’t been created recently but, you wish to send it to this call, you can do so, if you are selected, you must attach to your video a mention or greeting to Woman Scream Festival 2021, along with your name, country, nationality and / or place of residence (10 seconds or less).


How to send your video

To submit your proposal, use the form at the bottom of page: http://www.womanscreamfestival.com/p/submissions.html



OPENS NOVEMBER 25th, 2020- UNTIL JANUARY 5th, 2021.




Our team will be selecting the proposals that best represent the theme of the festival based on the quality of content, image, sound, creativity and relevancy.


Important notes:


* Children participation: Must include written document authorization, signed by parents or tutors, in PDF format, with their names, country of residence and personal identification number of your country (identity card, ID, etc.), authorizing the "Woman Scream Festival" to release child (include name) video/image distribution on our social networks and channels. Proposals that fail to include this document, will not be considered.

* We will not consider proposals that fail to meet any of the aforementioned requirements.

* We will not maintain any communication with the participants, except with selected ones. The chosen videos will be part of our Woman Scream Festival for March 2021 calendar at www.gritodemujer.com by Feb 15th.

* Your possible questions could be answered in this call. Please read the details carefully.

* Woman Scream Festival reserves all selection rights. Decision is final.

* Non selected proposals will be eliminated, but we will keep your email to send future calls (unless you indicate otherwise).

Registration will be considered as a guarantee that the author owns the image, music and text rights to project their work within the framework of the Festival, as well as the acceptance of the bases automatically when submitting their work to this call.


Prize summary: 
Certificate and participation on festival
Prizes Details: 

-The chosen proposals will be included on the Woman Scream 2021 agenda for March, under any date according to global calendar availability.

-Event Promotion.

-Certificate of Appreciation sent to email of selected participants once the festival is over.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

The Feminine Agenda: A Group Exhibition




Over the course of mere decades, The Feminine Agenda has changed all over the world. Progressing through areas of life since the dawn of the 20th Century, Women have been fighting for some of the most basic rights, including the right to vote, financial freedom, and bodily autonomy to name just a small fraction. The speed of technology and the deep enrichment of further education has taught women to explore different ways of life and new methods of thought at a much younger age. Current events and civil issues plaguing America has brought new facets of these issues to marginalized groups of people, and creativity has become an outlet for Revolution and a way to broadcast a message of change. 

Womenswork.Art will be exploring the ever-changing theme of The Feminine Agenda, as part of our community involvement with We Rise: Poughkeepsie. 

The exhibition will be juried by Artist Ana Maria Farina. (For more about Ana and her work, please visit: https://www.anamafarina.com/) 

Juror Bio: "Ana Maria is a Brazilian artist and educator based in New York. She received her masters degree in Art and Art Education from Columbia University in 2016, and in 2018 she was awarded a fellowship to the New York Foundation for the Arts Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. Most recently, she received a scholarship to attend the MFA program at SUNY New Paltz, where she is also the Visiting Artist Director and the president of the Student Art Alliance.
As both an artist and an educator, Ana is interested in experimentation, experiences of release and constraint, expansion and collapse. Her work investigates themes of hysteria and repression of the feminine, as well as the body and identity through the lens of feminist theory and psychoanalysis. Lately, Ana has been exploring the materiality of fibers and textiles, creating sculptural paintings that visually speak what Elaine Showalter called a “feminine protolanguage.”

About We Rise: Poughkeepsie-  “The project is a collaboration of city art galleries, organizations, artists and activists to celebrate the  he 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, giving women in the United States the right to vote. 

This centennial offers an opportunity to commemorate a milestone in our democracy and to examine and celebrate the power of the vote and of raising our voices in this election year. We will look at the intertwined and often fraught relationships between the women’s suffrage movement, abolition and black voting rights and talk with contemporary female artists about how they are using their voices in the context of community and power.

Art exhibits, movie screenings, performances, panel discussions and lectures, trivia night and surprise events are planned.  There will be something for everyone, so mark your calendars and join us in person or virtually.

All the events and exhibits will be held in downtown Poughkeepsie, NY from Sept 4 to Sept 19; exhibit dates vary by venue.  In response to evolving local health and business guidelines, some events may become virtual or hybrid events.”  


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Hanging Fee: $25 for up to three (3) pieces of work, and $10 for each additional piece of work accepted, with a maximum of six (5) artworks total per artist. Student Discount- $15 for up to three (3) pieces of work, and $5 for each additional pieces
Contact & Links: 

Believe Her: Digital Poster Show






Poster design has been used by women throughout history to advocate for equality and share messages. If you identify as a woman and have faced harrasment or discrimination, or have felt silenced because of your gender share your story. Design a poster about a time you felt silenced, posters can be any medium and any size. Posters will be reviewed and featured in an digital poster exhibition designed to help women's voices be heard.


In 2017 during the peak of the Me Too movement I designed a poster as a way to work through my discomfort as the overwhelming number of stories about harassment broke on the news and social media, everywhere I turned it seemed that there were more stories coming to light. As someone who has been a victim of harassment this time made me reflect upon my experiences as well as think about how many women’s stories go untold, behind the thin veil of what has been deemed socially acceptable to talk about were hundreds of women who had stayed silent. For me designing that poster was cathartic and helped me to work through some of the discomfort I was going through. It made me consider the many voices who weren’t believed when they told their stories, and the ones too afraid of the consequences to share theirs. What if poster design could help these voices be heard and believed? I am hoping to collect posters and curate an augmented reality poster show to help women share their stories, and hopefully this process will be as beneficial for them as it was for me in 2017.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Call for Submission and Cover Contest




“Artness System”, “International Art & Health Association” and “Artness Contemporary Art Magazine” proudly announced : “Ars Gratia Artis Zine”! We are currently accepting submissions and Cover Contest for our January issue. The theme is for this issue : ”Women's Rights”. Ars Gratia Artis Zine is an annual publication created to showcase the art and artists from all around the world.  A call for submissions is on NOW!

We are accepting all kind of art (drawing, painting, comics, doodles, poetry, photography, short stories, or interview) we will publish it! 

Submission Fee: €10

Submission fees are non-refundable and please send application fee as 10€ through Paypal : (artnesscontemporary@gmail.com) or we acccept to Bank transfer Transferwise. (This charge accepted for supporting artists with mental health issues also!)

Deadline : 15.12.2019

We look forward to seeing your artwork!


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
10 Euro
Contact & Links: 
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