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Called "String Theory" – this exhibition will explore the wide range of possibilities within fiber art, including but not limited to weaving, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and felting. We welcome all submissions that showcase the beauty and versatility of fiber as a medium.

Paint A Postcard

With the holiday season slowly inching closer and closer, we decided to create a new, fun, and slightly different exhibition to take us to the end of the year. It's an exhibition that gives participating artists even more benefits, will create unique gifts to buyers, promotes art collecting, connect with the local community, and help develop the Cultural Center's continuing Learning program.

For over a hundred years, postcards the world over have been the archetypal "Hello!" to friends and family – like a text message only more interesting! With "Paint A Postcard" we want you to do exactly what it says – paint, or draw, carve, sketch, photograph, weave, or even knit – a postcard.


It’s that time of year again – the quest to cover our elevator doors with amazing, uplifting art. So please join us and join in and submit your work to ‘Elevate!' There’s no specific theme – all we ask is you submit a piece of incredible original art – a favorite from your archive or something new that's just finished. Any medium can be used for the original artwork – photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, collage, digital, or anything in between – and we will require a high res. image to print the winning selections.


In celebration of National Pride Month, the aim of this exhibition is simple –.highlight and embrace our human rights. Let us see your positive, happy, and awesome artistic creations. Love life / love people.

Animal Kingdom

Garden or jungle, yard or savanna – the animal kingdom is full of amazing, ever-changing source material for artists. Show us how your love, your fears, your fascinations with animals filters into your art. 

Art & Poetic Text

TITLE: "Art & Poetic Text"

In celebration of Poetry Month, Words in art. Poetry and art. Words and art together. The symbiosis of poetry and art can come together in many ways; a multi-layered fiber work with sewn text….an alabaster sculpture with etched out stanzas….an ink painting with poetry transfers…embossed text in metal…hidden poems within a drawing, faded out, off the page…poetry and art interacting in simple or complex and surprising ways. Show us your work. Explore the medium, words, concepts, and messages- the special symbiosis of the art created and the poetry within.


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