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Call to Artists: Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art Artist Residency

In recent years, activists have taken to staging protests in museums as a way to draw attention to the pressing issues of climate change and in doing so suggest the art world was somehow at odds with the goals of humanity having a healthy, ethical relationship to the natural world. The premise of the “Collage the Planet: Environmentalism in Art Artist Residency” is that science has the capacity to tell us how to care for the planet, but those solutions are meaningless if humanity doesn’t care enough to evolve and change. Art is a unique technology that can distill complexity into simple human gestures that, when experienced, facilitate a deeper understanding of our world. In short, art can be a tool for caring. 

Call to Artists: Curating Collage Workshop 2024

Curating is a vital part of art’s function: a curator creates a bridge between artwork and audience. For artists, this process can be confusing and mysterious. The goal of the Curating Collage Workshop is to equip artists with the tools to curate their own work, to work with curators, and build exhibitions that connect with diverse audiences.

Call to Artists: Kolaj Institute Solo Residencies - New Orleans

Kolaj Institute’s solo residencies in New Orleans are designed to provide artists, curators, and writers with dedicated time and space to work on a project. Residencies may be 1 or 2 weeks. Kolaj Institute provides housing and studio space. Once accepted, Kolaj Institute meets with the resident for a pre-residency assessment where we identify community partners and other resources that can support the project. We then work with the resident to design a plan for their time in New Orleans. 

We are open to your ideas. We are looking for artists with an articulated goal for their time in New Orleans. That goal need not to be explicitly related to New Orleans, though priority will be given to those artists whose projects need time in New Orleans.

Call to Artists: Collage & Illustration Residency – Orlando: A Biography

During the Collage & Illustration Residency – Orlando: A Biography, selected artists will embark on a creative exploration of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 groundbreaking work, examining themes of identity, transformation, and the fluidity of time. This virtual residency, part of Kolaj Institute’s ongoing Collage & Illustration project, seeks to bring together a dynamic group of artists who are passionate about merging art, literature, and the human experience. The resulting illustrations will be published alongside Orlando: A Biography, allowing artists to bring a fresh, contemporary perspective to this timeless narrative. A curated selection of artwork will also be exhibited at Kolaj Fest New Orleans 2024.

Joy as Subject: Mardi Gras

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” (Joseph Campbell)

Collage Artist Residencies: Scotland

Kolaj Institute is partnering with A’ the Airts and the Nithsdale Hotel in Sanquhar, Scotland to offer week-long residencies for collage artists in Spring and Fall 2024. Collage Artist Residency: Scotland is a week-long artist residency designed for artists working in collage who seek to make art in community with other artists. The residency will unfold over the course of a week. As part of Kolaj Institute's year long exploration of Castles as Buildings, Metaphors, and Systems of Power, while in Scotland, we will consider the castles of Sanquhar, Drumlanrig, and Morton; their history, folklore, and evolution.


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