Porta Coeli Foundation | Arts & Culture | Venosa | Art Jobs
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Sector: Gallery, Education, Non-profit arts organisation
Country: Other
City: Venosa
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: Largo Dinardo, 1
Phone: 097236434

- About -

Porta Coeli is a cultural reality in the Basilicata region, a private museum experience and Study Centre for Mediterranean Culture, located in the prestigious seventeenth-century “Palazzo Rapolla” in Venosa, a fascinating small town in southern Italy, renowned for its history and exquisite artistic vocation. 
Porta Coeli is not merely a place: it is an avant-garde idea generated and nourished in an Italian province, quite far from huge capitals. It embraces the concept of cultural resistance against the most disturbing of today’s obstacles: nihilism and surrender. 

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