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Nir Avner



Nir Avner is a french-israeli photographer living in Munich, Germany. A tireless globetrotter, his inspirations stem from regular hikes to the bavarian alps.
His visual style is nourished by multicultural human encounters as well as interactions with the fauna and flora that surround us. His photographic work reflects his great attraction towards original elements: nature, (wo)man and her/his best companion - the dog. Highlighting his models figure, translates into a unique innovating human body esthetic definition.
Yozy Zhang Garvey



Yozy Zhang Garvey is a photographer and artist currently study and live in Berlin. She explores the body movement through the medium of photography, dance, and painting both in the position of protagonist and spectator.
Her works are influenced by the spirituality and mythology in the relationship with body dynamics, and more specifically in how we perceive the body as an instrument and channel to transcend the essence of dynamic in space and time



I began my career as an external collaborator for several magazines specializing in contemporary art, including the renowned magazine FlashArt. I developed my career through the curatorship of exhibitions in Italy and abroad for artists of an international standing.
From 2005 I became a promoter of cultural events as well as exhibitions focusing on modern and contemporary Indian art in the fields of painting, photography and video installations. I am actually working as a curator and consultant for private collectors, museums and galleries worldwide.
Kodak Instant by Augusto De Luca



Augusto De Luca, (Napoli, July 1, 1955) is an Italian photographer and performer.  He has taken the portrait of many famous people: Renato Carosone, Rick Wakeman, Carla Fracci, Hermann Nitsch, Pupella Maggio, Giorgio Napolitano, etc.
After his classical studies, he graduated in Law.He became a professional photographer in the mid 70’ies. He dedicated himself to traditional photography and to experimentation with many photographic materials. He is internationally known and his exhibitions have been held in many galleries and Museums; he has made commercials, record covers and photo books. His photographs are kept in public and private collections such as the International Polaroid Collection (USA), the Paris National Library, the Rome Municipal Photographic Archive, the China National Aesthetic Arts Gallery (Beijing), the Charleroi Photography Museum (Belgium). --------------------- Self-developing films called Kodak Instant, unlike Polaroids, are rectangular and the image on the surface measures 9 x 6.8 cm. Kodak introduced its own instant film products in 1976, which was different from Polaroid's in several ways. Upon introduction of Kodak instant products, Polaroid filed suit against Kodak in 1976 for patent infringement. The case dragged on for years. Kodak lost the dispute, after the ruling in 1985, Kodak announced the discontinuation of their instant photo.Some of these photos have been manipulated with multiple exposures.
Alvarenga Marques


Independent Visual Artist

ALVARENGA MARQUES (Al.Ma.) is a Portuguese artist who was born in Mozambique, where she spent her childhood. Actually she lives and works at Porto, in the north of Portugal, divided between teaching and plastic creation.
AlMa took her Licentiate Degree in Painting at FBAUP (University of Fine Arts of Porto). Alma comes from a generation of artists that has chosen, facing a saturated visual world, the appropriation and recycling of several images from varied sources, for the last twenty, thirty years. Yet, her inclusion in this group is controversial, since instead of the usual method of unconditional stealing of references, historic quotations and the respective recycling giving rise to a scattering of the meaning, her case has been revealing a restricted idiosyncratic orientation. That Alma wants us to be enraptured by this childhood world seems to be, in the very act, her aim. Though it clearly shows, at first sight, a good imitation of the compulsory childish trend to write and paint on inappropriate surfaces, the author’s vandalism, only apparently innocent, goes obviously even farther. In this fluid, transparent and theatrical space, an interaction of mutual influence, either graphic or plastic, reveals itself – between the background pulsation (staging reality) and the overlapped drawings ( paradigmatic of the childish imaginary). From this agitation an expressive strength of a nostalgic, metaphysic and a kind of lost time atmosphere appears.
Julia Wallman



Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Working with mixed media but with main focus on weaving.
beatriz cárcamo

palma de mallorca

tecnico superior de artesplasticas y diseño

Creo que las relaciones humanas y la búsqueda de la naturaleza como centro y equilibrio del ser, es lo que más impacto tiene para mí a la hora de influir en mi trabajo.
Me gusta mucho la idea de que una obra pueda funcionar como un foco para la contemplación y la reflexión, que de alguna manera, pueda servir como una puerta de entrada tanto a la memoria colectiva como a lo íntimo. Empecé a utilizar principalmente la encáustica porque me cautivó su historia antigua, y por su proceso en sí,su versatilidad y propiedades fascinantes. cada medio habla su propio lenguaje, mi proceso se mantiene en constante búsqueda. E​ste medio antiguo deriva de cera de abejas y resina dammar ,requiere el uso de calor para fundir cada capa del medio de cera para garantizar una pintura estable
Josias Scharf