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125 is a London based, internationally available showcase for new work and ideas by photographers, illustrators and artists around the world. Originally marketed as a 'gallery-space-in-print' and something of a vanity project, 125 has gradually become a highly collectible example of what the industry calls luxury publishing with a loyal following around the world.

125 Magazine’s founding partners and the core editorial team are photographers Perry Curties & Jason Joyce, and art directors Rob Crane & Martin Yates who took the decision to start 125 early in 2003 after the realization that no genuinely unbiased platform for new work by both established and emerging talent existed. The first issue (themed Fashion) was released exclusively in the UK and received critical industry acclaim and a nomination in the Magazine Design Awards but was not a commercial success. In the following years the magazine has undergone a number of design and content changes and is now a 300 page, 2 kg 'gallery' of new work and ideas by photographers, stylists and illustrators around the world.

125's most unique feature is its print-sales service which makes all the photography in the magazine available as limited edition art prints through its website. Inclusion in the service is not compulsory but all contributors are offered the chance to participate, with income divided equally between photographer and 125. According to the 125 website they have sold in excess of 8000 prints online and through exhibitions with various companies and galleries including Paul Smith (fashion designer) and St. Lukes advertising agency.

Each issue has a theme and contains the work of 20-25 contributors as well as interviews with leading creative talents such as Nick Knight, Glen Luchford,Sean Ellis, Don McCullin Rankin (photographer), Magnum Photos and many others .The magazine has always sought to provide an unbiased opportunity for creative talent operating a submission process unlike traditional magazines - simply announcing a theme and deadline, with content for the magazine chosen from a postbag by the founding partners.

This process has not been without its flaws with problems arising out of the sheer number of fashion photographers and stylists submitting to each issue and unofficially "calling in" product from fashion houses and PR companies with no guarantee of publication. In more recent issues it appears that the contribution format of the magazine has changed with more and more high profile names commissioned to shoot, Rankin, Richard Kern, Perou, Christopher Griffith, Alice Hawkins, Mick Rock, Shinichi Maruyama, Ernst Fischer, Tim Simmons and more.



Under the influence is not ruled by popular trends, instead they take inspiration from subversive subjects, they create and they influence. They awaken their readership to new ideas. They are the precursor to what will happen in the coming years. They are a vein communicating fashion and creativity, luxury and art through the commonality of human nature. It is a timeless object, a book, and a style reference, something tangible to keep and collect.

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City: Paris
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City: Makati City

For 15 years, readers have turned to Surface for creative inspiration, coverage of the burgeoning design world, and profiles of the emerging designers and provocative projects that are reshaping the creative landscape. With this ability to identify and collaborate with undiscovered talent—from furniture makers to fashion designers—the magazine acts as a cultural barometer of global style in all its forms. With an international team headquartered in New York, the magazine is constantly expanding its ability to identify, celebrate and support the artists and ideas that connect the present with the future. Surface is the definitive American source for engaging, curated content covering all that is inventive and compelling in the design world. Surface is published six times a year and is owned by Quadra Media, LLC.

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VOGUE.com.tw generates the same compelling substance, superb performance and desired in customized e-marketing, E-DM, interactive marketing, discussion boards, STYLEblog.com.tw, VOGUE STYLEblog fashion news and VOGUE TV.

Taiwan’s first of a Chinese version international fashion website. The first fashion/beauty services online booking system; offering 24 hours booking. The first to offer online styling and make-up teaching with an integrated use of flash, audio, video and animation.

The first to launch up-to-date complete online fashion show reporting. The first website to accept online pre-ordering to facilitate users.


From haute couture to street chic, VOGUE.com.tw gives the best in Runway Shows, Editor’s pick, 10 Must buy, Street chic, Brand gallery, Fashion Show, Special reports…etc.


Glitter and shine as you play around with the latest make-up collections; unleash the power of beauty as you visit the designer’s Beauty class; stay tuned to the latest Skin care, Perfume and other Hot product.


Taiwan’s one and only exclusive online real-time Fashion Show headed by Rosalie Huang of STYLEblog Fashion News. Videos filled with stylish, fun, exciting and substantial contents.


VOGUE offers online classes. Party with the stars and see how models get styled in Star Styling.


Newsletter provides you with regular updates on the latest fad.


VOGUE GQ STYLEblog invites the hippest, the coolest, the most renowned and professional celebrities to share with us the unique fashion views and perspectives.


Our exclusive for members only special section includes promotional events and trendy online games which help not only to convey all sorts of marketing info but also to allow the female fashion-conscious to take time out surf, interact with the other members, and enjoy our interactive sites. Members’ forum messages will allow them to collect points for redeem real gifts.

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Country: Taiwan
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"Zoom Details" is reports to you every fine details of International Fashion Shows. Our professional photographers place their emphasis on all fashion areas, from headbands, fabric, laces, pattern, accessories, buttons, zips, cuttings, embroideries to shoelaces.

Country: China
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Mean Magazine brings you Cinemash — the exclusive digital series that lets celebrity talent mash up their favorite scenes from classic movies. In the show's premiere season celebrities Cinemash such films as Training Day, Dirty Dancing, Tron, Point Break, Sid and Nancy, Carrie, and Oldboy. After you've experienced the mash-up, get behind-the-scenes dish from the celebs about what movies they love and why. You can stream Cinemash episodes online on MSN or download them from Zune Marketplace.

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Disorder is the magazine of creative culture. Music, fashion and alternative thinking unite in a unique editorial concoction.

Shoots, interviews, original opinions, street style, statement features and filmed music sessions combine to give Disorder body and soul.

Disorder was devised in 1999 as a showcase for untapped and frustrated talent. Independent from its inception, the magazine’s first office was a garden shed, the first issue financed by a loan intended for a car.

Revived in 2016, Disorder exists to help emerging talent fulfil its potential; to lift up new work, to inspire and empower.

Country: United Kingdom
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Revolution is considered by the watch industry to be the best watch magazine in the world. It is committed to providing its readers with the most specific and detailed information about the industry, the best watches, key trends and latest innovations.

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