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An exclusive annual review, featuring 500 individuals who wield the greatest power and influence in Hong Kong.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Country: France
City: Paris

Top Fashion Dress: Unique hardcover magazine published in Hong Kong

Country: China
City: Hong Kong
Country: Thailand
City: Bangkok

Commons&Sense was created in answered to the question - what is common sense?

Commons&Sense presents a unique take an the zeitgeist in fashion, beauty, art, interior, music, and the societyin which we live in.

Commons&Sense presents the kind of fashion which you cannot find in all those "catalogue-like" magazines with A to Z descriptions. They present the latest fashion opinions form Tokyo, and so appeal directly to fashion people.

What the Japanese fashion community has been longing for is jsut what Commons&Sense has to offer.

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Country: Serbia
City: Beograd
Country: Ukraine
City: Kiew

deFUZE was established in November 2011 and is now being published about every two months.

It’s a project that was targeting young people to encourage them to persuade their dreams and passion. For many young photographers, artists and fashionistas it is very hard to break the ice in the fashion industry which is often ruthless and unforgivable. deFUZE stands its own by supporting people with true talent unable to promote and market themselves.

deFUZE was found and created by Bartosz Och who is now the Chief Editor of this vastly growing publication. He is also a completely self-taught photographer who understands the ups and downs of fashion.

Bartosz, born 1986 in Katowice, Poland, graduated with Diploma of Higher Education in Printing Technologies and Printing Preparation Processes. He then worked in several printing houses before moving to London where he now works and lives persuading the dream of making deFUZE one of the most recognizable and fashionable publications in the world.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

SI GRUEN is a supplement of the Schweizer Illustrierten which is published quartley.

Country: Switzerland
City: Zurich
Country: Australia
City: Gold Coast

Stuff is a men's magazine featuring interviews, pictorials, and other articles of interest to a predominantly male audience.

Published by Dennis Publishing, it is the sister magazine to Maxim, and the two share a similar mission of providing entertainment targeted towards 18 to 30-year-old males whom it attracts with pictorials and cover features, humor, trivia, and product reviews of goods such as computers, sports cars, video games, cell phones, etc. The American version of Stuff does not contain nudity, though the photo shoots generally try to get as close to nudity as possible, and at some locations, such as Wal-Mart stores in the U.S. Stuff and its sister men's magazine Maxim have been considered pornography, and therefore banned. The interviews tend to be with famous actresses, singers, models and wrestling divas, some of whom have appeared several times over the life of the magazine. The U.S. edition ceased to exist with the October 2007 issue when it returned to being a special section inside Maxim Magazine. Paid subscribers will receive Maxim magazine as a replacement. "This is a note to inform you that Stuff Magazine has ceased publishing with the Oct 2007 issue. The balance of your paid subscription will be fulfilled with Maxim.

Country: United States
City: New York

With 50,000 copies distributed each month, Amsterdam Magazine is the largest free English-language magazine in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Magazine is distributed at hundreds of locations in Amsterdam including many hotels, popular tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and shops.

Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam

VIZOR is a bi-annual New York based limited edition Contemporany Art publication.

Country: United States
City: New York