Paris Match

Paris Match is a French language weekly news magazine. It covers major national and international news along with celebrity lifestyle features.

The magazine was started as a news magazine with the name Match in 1938 by the industrialist Jean Prouvost and closed in June 1940. It was relaunched in 1949 with a new name, Paris Match. The magazine temporarily ceased its publication between 18 May and 15 June 1968 upon the call for a strike by the Syndicat du Livre, the French Printers’ Union.

In 1976 Daniel Filipacchi purchased the ailing Paris Match, and turned it into one of France's most successful and influential magazines. It is published weekly and is now part of Hachette Filipacchi Médias, which is itself owned by the Lagardère Group.

On occasion, Paris Match has sold more than one million copies worldwide when covering major events such as the first flight by a French astronaut aboard the U.S. Space Shuttle in June 1985. Benoît Clair, a senior writer for Paris Match, was the first journalist allowed to join the shuttle crew members from training until the departure for the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. A series of reports on the training was published in Paris Match on 22 April 1985, 17 June 1985 and 20 January 1986.

As of 1996 the magazine had an independent political stance.



Country: Germany
Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen

Under The Influence is an independently published, art fashion magazine bringing together collected works from established and emerging photographers, stylists, artists and writers to create a visually beautiful, distinct publication. It is a creative challenge, an exchange of ideas surrounding one theme.

Under the influence is not ruled by popular trends, instead they take inspiration from subversive subjects, they create and they influence. They awaken their readership to new ideas. They are the precursor to what will happen in the coming years. They are a vein communicating fashion and creativity, luxury and art through the commonality of human nature. It is a timeless object, a book, and a style reference, something tangible to keep and collect.

Country: France
City: Paris
Country: Puerto Rico
City: San Juan
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Country: Brazil
City: São Paulo
Country: Vietnam
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Country: Brazil
City: São Paulo

Candy magazine is the biannual luxury lifestyle magazine from London-based interior design and development management company Candy & Candy. Reporting on the very best of design inspirations and solutions, architecture, art, interiors and fashion.

To reflect the glamour of the client, Candy is a luxurious large-format publication, with gold-foiled cover and special colour on every page.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

King is a men’s fashion magazine. Here, you can read about the latest fashion trends, what to wear when, and news from the fashion industry.

Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Country: United States
City: New York
Country: Hong Kong S.A.R., China