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Town & Country, formerly the Home Journal and The National Press, is a monthly American lifestyle magazine. It is the oldest continually published general interest magazine in the United States.

Early history

It was founded by poet and essayist Nathaniel Parker Willis and New York Evening Mirror newspaper editor George Pope Morris, as The National Press in 1846. Eight months later, it was renamed The Home Journal. After 1901, the magazine title became "Town & Country" and it has retained that name ever since.

Throughout most of the 19th century, this weekly magazine featured poetry, essays, and fiction. As more influential people began reading it, the magazine began to include society news and gossip in its pages. After 1901, the magazine continued to chronicle the social events and leisure activities of the North American landed aristocracy such as debutante or cotillion balls, and also reported on the subsequent "advantageous marriages" that came from people meeting at such social engagements.

The magazine's earlier readership initially consisted of members of the Establishment. This includes older wealthy families of New York, Boston Brahmins or those people in other parts of the United States whose surnames may have appeared in the Social Register.

Willis owned and edited the magazine from 1846 until his death in 1867.

Modern history

After Willis's death, the magazine went through several owners and editors until William Randolph Hearst acquired ownership in 1925. The first editor under Hearst ownership was Harry Bull. He edited the magazine from 1925 through 1949. Henry B. Sell became Bull's successor.

The magazine is still owned and published by the Hearst Corporation.

Today, the magazine is published monthly, and its readership is composed of mainly younger socialites, café society, and middle class professionals.

Most of the advertising copy in the magazine is for luxury goods and services. The feature articles and photography focus primarily on fashion, arts, culture, interior design, travel, weddings, parties, gala events and other interests and concerns of the upper class.

In May 1993, Pamela Fiori became the first woman editor-in-chief of Town & Country magazine. During her tenure, Fiori has been credited with increasing circulation in several ways, including making the magazine more fashion forward and, in recent years, making philanthropy more of a priority for the magazine.

Fiori also has pushed for more diversity in the magazine's coverage. In an effort to play down the magazine's perceived snobbish and elitist WASP, or preppy image, more celebrities have been showing up on the magazine covers, and there has been an increase in the number of articles showcasing the events and weddings of socially prominent persons of African-American descent, as well as the social activities of people of other ethnicities.


In September 2003, a spin-off magazine entitled Town & Country Travel appeared. It is published quarterly. In September 2007, Town & Country Travel launched a travel website,; its staff travel blog can be found here. There is a special edition of the magazine focusing on wedding planning. In the past decade, several etiquette, wedding and lifestyle guidebooks have also published by the magazine. Among the most recent books published by the magazine is "Modern Manners: The Thinking Person's Guide to Social Graces," released in 2005 and edited by Town & Country senior editor Thomas Farley.

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Founded by Mino Pissimiglia in 1946, Estetica quickly established itself as the most informative publication at the forefront of the Italian hairdressing industry. It was successfully launched in Japan in 1958, followed by Peru, Latin America and The Middle East in 1962 - 1963. The launch of the first Italian-English International edition was heralded in 1977. Today, Estetica is published in 24 editions and distributed in 80 countries with a global circulation of over 270,000. Estetica, the market leader in specialised publishing, offers new product information, exhibition news, photo collections, step-by-steps, as well as the very latest in hair trends. The main section of the magazine, Estetica International, is common to all issues and is thus translated into 5 different languages. It offers an exciting preview of the very best in hair styles and fashion trends from around the globe. The front section of each edition is unique to the countries where it is issued and provides readers with essential information on product innovation, celebrity interviews and industry news as well as corporate advertising.

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In each issue of Voi Tutti you will travel to gorgeous locations, cook delicious food, drink fantastic wine, read captivating interviews and human interest features, drive the best cars and learn the best places for shopping plus much more – all Italian style!

Voi Tutti is the premier magazine about contemporary Italian lifestyle. Voi Tutti has an array of high profile contributors including Peter FitzSimons - sport, Stefano Manfredi - food, Bill McKinnon - cars, Mirko De Munari - fashion, Natasha Bita - Italian tales, Charlotte Owen - travel, Philip Rich - wine and David Dale - popular culture.

Voi Tutti is primarily the voice of Italians in Australia, however it transcends borders and speaks to Italians worldwide. Italophiles, Italian-Australians or simply those who love Italy find this beautifully presented, high quality magazine, both informative and entertaining.

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Top of the line award winning German publication, Squint is dot on all beautiful things life has to offer. Professional and wonderfully arranged photo essays on style, fashion, design, beauty, art are indeed visual treat. A must have for everyone connected to fashion and creativity, very motivating and encouraging

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The Tobe Report, first published in 1927, is one of the world's most prestigious fashion merchandising consulting companies. It is often referred to as "the bible of the fashion industry". An international weekly publication, the Tobe Report covers women, men, and children's ready-to-wear and accessories. It forecasts trends through analysis of consumer behavior and retail intelligence.

Tobe Insights, Tobe's consulting division, performs reengineering projects for specialty stores as well as department stores.

Created by Miss. Tobe (aka Tobé Coller Davis) in 1927, Tobe has been led for the past 15 years by Kathryn Deane, its current President.

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LIFESTYLE - a glamorous and glossy magazine that features the city's most compelling, illustrious people, the not-to-be missed events, and a spotlight on the best in dining, entertainment, fashion, shopping and travel.

TIC TALK - the pinnacle publication of haute horlogerie.

RUNWAY - witness fashion history and navigate this season's must-have trends.

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Di Moda is a fashion magazine. Established October 2012. The magazine is available in print and digital version. ​

Di Moda was created to share and entertain with the best fashion editorials from across the globe. Founded by fashion photographer Kevin Alexander. It strives to inspire young aspiring artist through high-end fashion editorials.

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Aishti Magazine has established itself as teh Middle East's foremost authority on fashion, entertainment and design. With an aim to highlight Beirut as teh hip and trendy fashion, entertainment and design capital of teh region, Aishti Magazine has been successful in emphaizing the Lebanon difference through cutting-edge articles, professional fashion shoots and constantly evolving ideas.

Targeted toward fashionconscious, en vogue consumers the men and the women who keep up with the latest trends, follow current artistic movements and appreciate designer labels Aishti Magazine functions a glamorous communication tool for the Ashti empire.

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WWD Magazines set the trends the world follows, engaging fashion, retail and beauty power players with compelling issues that offer the first look at what’s next in global fashion.

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Fashion & Shopping Magazine. The Best Shop reveals WHAT is good and in trend, HOW MUCH it costs and WHERE to find the best offer.

The Best Shop is a shopping magazine of cosmopolitan design aimed at modern women/men. It is the first of that kind in Croatia with a price which is an absolute hit: only 9,90 Kn!

Every month we tour shops, create perfect outfits for every occasion, bring pictures from world fashion catwalks, check out new collections and test new items. We want to get our readers both entertained and inspired for smart shopping and help them to get that ultimate look for a cut price. The Best Shop is school of dressing-up, beauty, in short, a big treat.

This group wishes to gather all of you who, like The Best Shop, aim at quick, easy and smart shopping.

Join our group if you seek beauty expert advice, shopping advice, entertaining applications, fun, videos and news about The Best Shop!

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