Taiwan Tatler

The Tatler is one of the oldest publications in existence. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica , it started as “a periodical launched in London by the essayist Sir Richard Steele in April 1709… its avowed intention was to present accounts of gallantry, pleasure, and entertainment, of poetry, and of foreign and domestic news.” Today, Tatler is the premier British "society" magazine. It carries articles on a broad number of topics, but its primary focus is on the social trends amongst the very wealthy and aristocratic.

Established in 1978, Edipresse is one of Asia's leading magazine publishers. With a dynamic portfolio that includes the Asian Regional Tatlers - the region's leading social and affluent lifestyle magazines - as well as other widely respected titles in design, fashion, dining and business, Edipresse is your gateway to the best of Asia.



Country: Italy
City: Torino

The Online Magazine. Made in Mexico, by Face.

Country: Mexico
City: Monterrey
Country: Serbia
City: Belgrade
Country: Estonia
Country: United Kingdom
City: London

P magazine is an aesthetic object-book designed as a collector's edition. Edited an curated by magnificent photographers Cecy Young & Mariana Garcia (www.marianagarcia.com) and supermodernist Design Studio Face, creators of page the magazine (www.pagethemagazine.com).

A hardcover limited edition book published annually with 192 pages of exclusive photography and content created by the finest contributors across the globe regarding arts, journalism, photography, fashion and everything that is beautuful.

Country: Mexico
City: Monterrey

ONE Magazine was founded in June 2010 by Nicole Gavrilles. Nicole graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design receiving her BFA in Graphic & Interactive Communication beginning of May, 2012. By creating ONE, she wanted to further expand her skills and challenge herself to incorporate her love for fashion along with her design work. Issue one and two were strictly displayed as personal projects and hosted online for public viewers to enjoy. During the summer of 2011, Nicole completely rebranded and redesigned the entire look and feel of the magazine. The issues now include more editorials from well-known photographers, articles incorporating fashion related topics, and much more. Her main goal for ONE is to share her appreciation for the arts by exposing beautiful works by dedicated and passionate creators like herself. ONE Magazine is published twice a year and available for print and digital.

Country: United States
City: New York

MANN is a magazine for the modern, aware, active man. Its mixture of articles and type of journalism cover a wide range and depth. Its editorial tone is humorous, attractive, practical and intelligent. It aims to be both entertaining and provide new information. It contains in-depth articles, relevant interviews, action-filled reports and new ideas in the fields of design/trends, travel, cars and electronics. MANN is currently more or less the only lifestyle magazine for men on the Norwegian market. Target Group: The magazine targets men between the ages of 20 and 40 that have an above-average income and education and who spend more than the average consumer.

Country: Norway
City: Oslo
Country: Germany
Country: United States
Country: Germany
City: Hamburg