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The Tatler is one of the oldest publications in existence. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica , it started as “a periodical launched in London by the essayist Sir Richard Steele in April 1709… its avowed intention was to present accounts of gallantry, pleasure, and entertainment, of poetry, and of foreign and domestic news.” Today, Tatler is the premier British "society" magazine. It carries articles on a broad number of topics, but its primary focus is on the social trends amongst the very wealthy and aristocratic.

Established in 1978, Edipresse is one of Asia's leading magazine publishers. With a dynamic portfolio that includes the Asian Regional Tatlers - the region's leading social and affluent lifestyle magazines - as well as other widely respected titles in design, fashion, dining and business, Edipresse is your gateway to the best of Asia.

Country: Taiwan
City: Taipei

Since December 2005, PLAYBOY Argentina brings fresh air in the segment of men's magazines, a range of original lifestyle and entertainment, quality journalism written by the most prestigious in the country and the best nudes.

Country: Argentina
City: Buenos Aires

The chronicle of a society that is coming of age on the world stage, Macau Tatler reveals the grandeur and refinement of the people who are turning Macau into a 21st century global entertainment hub.

Country: China
City: Macau

Modern Luxury Media is the premier luxury lifestyle publisher in the United States. With titles in the most influential major cities, Modern Luxury excels in capturing the urbane metropolitan lifestyle.

Whether it's a revealing celebrity profile, a special feature on the chicest trends in design, cutting-edge fashion spreads or an in-depth review of the city's hot spots, our magazines consistently engage the affluent reader. Choose from more than 30 publications in 13 major markets and view most of them, interactively, with our digital editions.

Country: United States
City: Washington

LURVE is an independent magazine, led by a team of passionate people who were looking for a fashion publication ahead of trends and with more depth, yet visually striking.

Miles away from the usual fashion glossy, the magazine puts the emphasis on emerging designers and artists, new talents and creators of our future.

Crossing the fields of arts, fashion and music, LURVE is the voice of a more demanding generation eager to explore contemporary culture and creation, beyond the mainstream.

With a first issue to be launched in April, LURVE embraces an 'Ode to individuality' that celebrates creative pioneers, from Terence Koh to Francine Spiegel, from Meryl Smith to Chadwick Tyler. Let's share the LURVE !

Country: France
City: Paris

VIVmag offers insight, advice and authentic stories to inspire and motivate women in their quest for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Smart and vital, VIVmag readers know the way to live.

VIVmag is a first: It’s an all-digital magazine that delivers reliable, accurate service journalism in beauty, style, travel, wellness, healthy eating, fitness and awareness. Its audience of savvy women are genuinely committed to leading healthy, balanced lives.

VIVmag’s interactive content entertains and informs, helping readers achieve the confidence that comes from engaging life at a higher level. VIV. It’s the way to live.

Country: United States
City: Westlake Village

Le Monde d'Hermès is a fashion magazine issued by the Hermes house. The magazine is bi-annual (spring/summer and fall/winter) and features tons of articles about Hermes and all things related and for sure it continues lots of editorials.

Country: France
City: Paris

Topshop 214 is an in-shop magazine for the fashion chain Topshop.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Genlux Magazine is a luxury Magazine devoted exclusively to Fashion and Beauty.

Their editors carefully comb la and the world for the must-have items every genluxer needs.

Country: United States
City: Beverly Hills

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published in 16 countries + Latin America by Condé Nast Publications. Each month, Vogue publishes a magazine addressing topics of fashion, life and design.

Vogue is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. It has also helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity.

Country: Mexico
City: Mexico City
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles