Women's Health USA

Women's Health reaches a new generation of women who don't like the way most women's magazines make them feel.

Women's Health is for the woman who wants to reach a healthy, attractive weight but doesn't equate that with having thighs the size of toothpicks. They know that exercising and eating well will make you happier and stronger (even if after-work runs can really suck). That looking and feeling good have very little to do with cosmetics and high heels (though they can help you feel glamorous on a Saturday night). And that life can be stressful since there's never enough time, but balance is achievable (with a little help).

Most of all, WH focuses on what you can do, right now, to improve your life.



Country: Russia
City: Moscow

Fit is the New Sexy.

The ultimate guide to getting healthy--and loving it. Women's Health India offers the latest news in workouts, nutrition, health, sex and relationships, and even the environment, giving you the tools you need to live the life you want.

First launched in 2005 in the US by Rodale Inc., Women's Health has 14 international editions in 26 countries with over 12 million readers worldwide. WH is brought to you in India by the India Today Group.

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Website: http://crash.fr

True Love Magazine is considered a sister publication to Afrikaans Sarie and English Fair Lady. These three titles are published by Media24 (Naspers).

True Love is situated in the giant media house's Johannesburg offices.

Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg

The Australian Women’s Weekly, Australia’s favourite magazine entertains, inspires and informs across all aspects of Australian women’s lives. From fashion and beauty to health, wellbeing and family, their experts have all the latest to keep you looking and feeling your best. The Australian Women’s Weekly – a great magazine at a great price!

Country: Australia
City: Sydney

Vogue Collections, launched in 2011, is a special edition published twice a year under copyright cooperation by China Pictorial. It gives an in-depth report on the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter shows, and includes substantial feature stories elaborating on key trends. In addition to the magazine, there is also an iPad edition of Vogue Collections.

Country: China
City: Beijing
Country: Luxembourg
City: Luxembourg
Country: United States
City: New York
Country: United Kingdom
City: Suffolk

Marie Claire is a monthly women's magazine conceived in France but also distributed in other countries with editions specific to them and in their languages. While each country shares its own special voice with its audience, the United States edition focuses on women around the world and several worldwide issues. The magazine also provides the reader with health, beauty, and fashion information in each issue. Readers can subscribe to it through the mail and online. The reality series, Running In Heels, follows three interns working in the NYC office of the magazine.

Jean Prouvost created the first issue in 1937, which was distributed each Wednesday. French readers flocked to newsstands to buy this early weekly edition, which was a huge success. However, in 1942, German occupation authorities in France stopped the distribution of most magazines, and Marie Claire was one of them. The magazine was not redistributed until 1954. At this time, it became a monthly publication versus a weekly one. In 1976, Prouvost retired and his daughter Évelyne took over the magazine and added L'Oréal Group to the company.

The theme for Marie Claire is “More than a Pretty Face”. The magazine gives readers information about different women around the world and their needs, struggles, and stories of life.

The goal of the magazine is to provide readers with a substantial amount of information about new looks in the fashion industry as well as current issues that women of the world are facing. Moreover, it also adds relationship information, along with a section dedicated to answering specific questions from readers. It provides information pertaining to different items of clothing and accessories, as well as which would be a better deal. Each month recognizes a particular female celebrity by placing her on the cover of the magazine and featuring her in a main article, along with providing monthly horoscope.

Country: Germany
City: Munich

Oakazine is a quarterly art, fashion and culture dossier taht profiles teh most cutting-edge minds in the arts and gives teh best photographers and stylists an arena to create teh editorials they want to create.

Oakazine is a publication for those who see the dawn before the rest of the world.

For the creative minds who reappropriate past art-forms, consider present art-forms and alloy them into something futuristic and never seen before.

Country: United States
City: New York

Wedding is for the bride who wants to look fabulous as she walks down the aisle. She is passionate about planning her big day and wants everything to be perfect, from throwing the ultimate party to the view from her honeymoon balcony.

Country: United Kingdom
City: London

Vault Magazine defines The Art of Being. Social: what we wear, eat, talk about, and how we entertain. Created by events leader and restaurateur Barton G., it is a celebration of Innovation, Inspiration and Imagination.

Vault is here to unlock the secrets shared by the heiress and the gigolo, the star and the artist, the mogul and the con man. They know surprise and innovation are essential in society, and in these pages you will encounter a heady mix: high fashion and high concepts, breezy intellectualism and serious frivolity. It's about knowing how to attend a party as well as throw one.

Trailblazers and icons co-exist easily here. Vault introduces you to new ideas and people, designers and dreamers making their mark on the 21st century. But you will also meet the legends, the ones who created the rules that are now etched in gold.

Everything in Vault is calculated to inspire, tickling both the intellect and the senses. Our world is sensual, smart, often exotic and always glamorous.

Country: United States
City: Miami

Full of glamour and elegance, Style is for readers who insist on the best in fashion, accessories, travel and the finest things in life.

Monthly editions cover fashion, beauty, up-market travel, spectacular cars, watches, interior design and more.

Complimentary with the South China Morning Post every month.

Nine different themes, published first Friday of each month.

Country: China
City: Hong Kong