The Life & Culture of Modern Day Latinidad

Studio Montclair seeks entries for “The Life & Culture of Modern Day Latinidad”, a collaboration with Latinos of Montclair at the Studio Montclair Gallery located in the heart of Montclair from November 10 – December 22, 2023.
The exhibition, “The Life & Culture of Modern Day Latinidad”, is seeking submissions from artists whose work reflects a celebration of today’s expression of a multicultural community highlighting its diverse tapestry of backgrounds, stories and experiences.

Juror: José Camacho, award winning artist

Call For Entry: Memento Mori

Call For Entry: Memento Mori

International Submission Deadline: July 15th, 2023 11:59 PM PST

Memento Mori is an exhibition that focuses on the themes of life and death. The Latin phrase "memento mori" means "remember that you will die." Vanitas is a notable example, juxtaposing symbols such as skulls, wilting flowers, and wealth to represent the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death. Memento mori can be a powerful reminder of the fleeting nature of our presence, a source of comfort and inspiration, and a reminder that demise is a natural part of life and that we should make the most of our time on this mortal coil. Show us, what makes life worth living, and how does one cope with the inevitability of death?

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