“Inspired by…” Online Group Show

As artists, we learn and draw inspiration from those who’ve come before us. This month, we’re honoring “the greats” with an online exhibition of artwork inspired by a famous artist or work of art. Channel a favorite artist and borrow their distinct style, color palette, or subject matter. Or reimagine an iconic piece of artwork and bring a legendary scene into a contemporary context. No exact reproductions, please! Open to all media (photography, painting, pastel, sculpture, and more). Please note which artist/ artwork you’ve used as your inspiration.

Artwork will be featured on our website and social media for the month of May.

Exhibit judge: Jennifer M. Kruglinski, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Modern & Contemporary Art History at Salisbury University


Examining Inspiring Artistic Practices through a variety of Methodologies of Making

In collaboration with the artist & curator Hannah Goldstein

Session Dates: 26 MAY - 31 May & 16 - 18 September (in-person exhibition)

Open to all Creative Practioners working in all mediums

Program Fee: €585

Due to the current war in the Ukraine coupled with continued anxiety around the pandemic, we have decided, in a very unprecedented move, to change our in-person Spring Session residency experience into a virtual happening.

OPEN CALL: TPM Gallery Anniversary Exhibition

TPM Gallery is the newest addition to The Purposeful Mayonnaise platform, a 2-in-1 literary & art platform-journal aiming to showcase writers and artists internationally.

The Purposeful Mayo is turning 1 in April and we'd like to invite artists around the world to submit their work for our celebratory open-themed exhibition.

This call for entries is open to artists 18+ internationally, from any background and at any stage in their art career. 

The online exhibition will be accompanied by a 3D viewing room. Successful artists will be featured in the gallery section of the TPM website, in the following issue of The Purposeful Mayo Journal, on social media, and will receive a certificate of participation.

NFT OPEN CALL - Developing NFT's and Fund

This is an open call for artists working in all mediums who have an interest in NFT's, entering the NFT space and Virtual exhibitions.

We have set up an art fund via Patreon in which we will be posting open calls to members for virtual shows, giving guidance on how to set up wallets, joining platforms and creating their first NFT's

SIILK GALLERY’S NFT ART FUND has been set up to get visual artists into the realms of NFT’s - To help them facilitate the works they want to get published and minted on the blockchain, to guide them through the process, help new people discover their work and to fund their first pieces to be made available to the digital world.

Event Commands & Broken Fixtures

Event commands are foundational in video games to create a cause/effect relationship whether as a directly noticeable or hidden trigger. These triggers are often time/action/content/inventory/situation dependent. We experience event commands every day in some form or another, whether it be through engaging in social/cultural/political exchanges, participating in economics, or by resisting/abiding to restrictions/conditions. This exhibition aims to reflect on the experiences both online and IRL that effectively loop us into our own objectual/habitual/personal fixtures through "event commands" and how we consciously acknowledge or dislodge these fixtures. 


Call for Art-WABI-SABI

Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, WABI-SABI.
JPEGs due by Friday, May 27 at midnight (MST). Over $1,200 in cash prizes. All accepted pieces will be displayed in our online gallery at Visit for a full prospectus.


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