Guest Room: David Campany

Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. David Campany, teacher at the University of Westminster London and Curator at Large for the International Center of Photography in New York, has chosen to collaborate with Taous Dahmani, who is a London-based French, British and Algerian art historian, writer and curator specializing in photography.

Together, they have developed the following framework for your submissions: The "Meanwhile".

Call for Art_ConTEXT II

Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, ConTEXT II.

Words can connect with people personally and emotionally and, when combined with visual elements, can create a powerful impact. Text can convey a message or express an idea through written words, letters, numbers, or symbols. The use of text in art is a powerful tool that can add depth, meaning, and emotion to a piece. Whether it's used to express a message, provide additional context, or as a visual element, text can allow a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Show us ConTEXT from your perspective.

Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art 2023 Biennial

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art 

Call for Submissions

2023 mowna Biennial


Deadline March 3rd, 2023

All media and mediums of art made from 2021-2023

this may include generative, interactive, NFTs, dance, music, fashion, animation, photography, games, video art, memes, bots, gifs, vr, ar, xr, painting, sculpture, sketch, theater, poetry, opera, cinema, other creative things only you can dream up.

The mowna Biennial will exhibit a selection of 100 international artists, minting some on Tezos and Ethereum blockchains.

We are wild & newfangled, are you?

Call for Art-ANIMALIA

Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, ANIMALIA.

The animal kingdom is full of fascinating and incredible creatures, each with their own unique abilities, behaviors, and characteristics. There are over 1.5 million known species of animals, and new species are still being discovered today.

Animals have been depicted in art for thousands of years, representing a wide range of symbolism, from grace and speed to strength and nobility to transformation and freedom. But we can all agree that they are beautiful and captivating, and we will forever be drawn to their natural beauty and power. Show us ANIMALIA from your perspective.


Art Fluent invites artists worldwide to submit artwork to our online exhibit, BRILLIANCE.

Art plays with perceptions of light, which can challenge viewers with what they see and understand from each piece. Light can go beyond being just functional. It can also be deeply affecting. Uniquely used as both a tool and a subject to create certain effects and to elicit emotion.
Light levels can directly influence our mood and the feeling of atmosphere within artwork. As light works with shadow, it lends a sense of depth; with this, the work can feel complete. We celebrate light and all it can do in its role in art. Show us BRILLIANCE from your perspective.


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