Open call for the Being Summer event! Practitioners across all arts, performance and cultural industry disciplines welcome!




We are currently accepting applications from local, national & international artists & cultural producers for our yearly residency during Frome Festival in the Somerset warehouse, being summer, 05.07.19 - 14.07.19.

With both residential & non residential opportunities, residents interpret what being human means to them. The opportunity is suitable for practitioners across all arts, performance & cultural industry disciplines.

Beinghuman is interested in innovative, cross discipline work with an inter connected ethos, that examines environmental or humanitarian issues & embeds creative ways of reinterpreting traditional wisdom for the modern world. Work that explores what it means to be human, right here, right now.

The residency incorporates master classes with beinghuman's founder, artist Gaynor O'Flynn. During the residency participants examine not only their creative practice but also their business, ethics & how to create a sustainable model for their work & life.

Each applicant must submit one work in any medium to form part of the being summer exhibition. Applicants also need to submit one idea to lead one afternoon session. It can be a workshop, happening, screening or talk.

At the end of the residency practitioners also co create work for being hungry a unique food & art happening with Sunday Times food editor & award-winning cookery writer, Lucas Hollweg.

Previous residents have worked across fine, performance, music, text & interactive art & creative disciplines.

The Open Call is curated by beinghuman's founder, artist Gaynor O’Flynn.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
£10 application fee, non-residential fee £250, residency fee £750
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Global Indigenous Voices - calling for playwrights




Global Voices is an UK based theatre project working with international playwrights to share new rehearsed readings. We are joining forces with Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival to present Global Indigenous Voices.

Curated by Mohegan theatre-maker Madeline Sayet, the evening will feature excerpts from five plays by Indigenous writers from around the world, and a post-performance discussion about the plays and the themes unearthed.  

We welcome submissions from all Indigenous writers.

The performances of rehearsed excerpts will be taking place on Thursday 13th June 2019 at the British Library in London. 

We are looking for plays from contexts beyond the UK; exploring issues and settings that audiences might not otherwise see in London theatres. 

Plays can be any length, and with any number of characters; and must be in, or translated into, English.

If you are submitting a play that has been translated and if the play or translation is still under copyright, you must ensure that both the playwright and the translator (or the relevant rights-holders) give their authorisation for the translation to be submitted and to participate. This is a paid opportunity.


This is a paid opportunity. The event is funded by Arts Council England.


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Strike A Light, Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, Hawkwood and Lives of Colour
Artist Call out and Commission

We are offering a unique seed commissioning opportunity for a Black artist or Black led company to develop a piece of touring work. The commission aims to support a piece of performance to be an example of excellence in touring that has the potential to reach a diverse audience.

The commission will include:

  • £3,000 cash investment to develop the work
  • Two residencies: one with Everyman Theatre Cheltenham on 2nd – 7th September and one with Strike A Light at Hawkwood on 23rd  – 27th September 2019 to develop the work. 
  • Hawkwood residency will include rehearsal space, accommodation and full board for up to 5 artists.
  • Everyman Theatre residency will include studio rehearsal space and a £500 contribution towards travel/ accommodation/ food costs.
  • Please note additional artistic fees will not be offered for these weeks.
  • Opportunities to share the work in progress with audiences at Strike A Light festival in October 2019 and the potential for previewing or programming finished work with Strike A Light in Spring 2020. 
  • 3 days face to face support from Strike A Light / Everyman Theatre producers in the lead up to and during the residencies
  • 3 half days of fundraising support from the Strike A Light team
  • Support in engaging industry professionals in the development and sharing of the work
  • Opportunities to engage directly with diverse audiences and explore and test wraparound activity
  • The full commission details are available here.

Deadline for applications is 21st April 2019


What kind of performance work are you looking for?

This is a national call out and we are interested in hearing from artists who create theatre, dance or spoken word in their broadest sense and from artists who combine these disciplines. We would like to support the creation of a new piece of work, so it might be just at the idea stage or you might have done some very early stage research or development.

What do you mean by Black artist or Black led company?

We would like to hear from artists and companies who are of African or Caribbean descent or of the African / Caribbean diaspora or of dual heritage. Several of the partners are working on an audience development project to engage these communities in their local area as audiences and we are interested in the potential for engaging these audiences in your work, but your work does not have to be about your heritage or identity or specifically for a Black audience.

What kind of spaces are available for the residencies?

The Everyman studio space is approx 9m wide and between 3 and 6m deep depending on layout. It is a wooden plywood floor on concrete. The studio space at Hawkwood is approximately 9m x 5m and has a wooden floor.


Entry Fee:

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D2P summer residency for Drawing Performance practice




Description of residency program
Draw to Perform is pleased to announce a new open call - D2P residency 7-21 September 2019 at the Copperdollar Studios, Brighton UK.

The D2P Residency program is a unique opportunity for new and developing professional artists and art students to engage in the dynamic artistic discipline of drawing performance art. The program provides the foundation to develop drawing and performance skills and to translate creative practice into live action.

Duration of residency
Deadline for entries - 26 May 2019 
Residency: 7-21 September 2019

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
This rigorous 15 days structured program is a unique opportunity for new and developing professional artists and art students to engage in the dynamic artistic discipline of drawing performance art. For full details about the residency and open call please visit our website

This program is including accommodation in Brighton, UK.


Shared studio space at the Copperdollar Studios, Brighton UK.

Fees and support
Processing and Application Fee – £30

Expectations towards the artist

Artist talk (20min) & live drawing performance at the end of the program.



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Call for Choreographers - Small Plates Choreography Festival Honolulu





Hosted by Haven Movement Company
September 20 and 21, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.
The Arts at Marks Garage
1159 Nuuanu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96817


Applications are open for Small Plates Choreography Festival, a curated dance performance series to be presented on September 20 and 21, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. at The Arts at Marks Garage in Honolulu. All choreographers of any genre interested in presenting work in an intimate venue in Chinatown in Honolulu are welcome to apply.

The Arts at Mark's Garage is an intimate performance space that seats approximately 75 people. The dimensions of the performance area are approximately 18' wide x 14' deep with audience on three sides. The floor is painted concrete. The performances will be supported with basic lighting with a limited number of cues.

Ensemble dance works no longer than 10 minutes long will be considered, solos works no longer than 8 minutes. If your work is longer than our time limits, please edit your video to show how the work will be adjusted to fall within the constraints. Work that is over time will not be considered. Completed work will be given priority over works-in-progress or proposed work, but all applications will be given full consideration by our panel.

Small Plates creates a growth environment by facilitating feedback sessions with the audience after each performance. All performers and choreographers are expected to remain on-site to participate in this part of the performance. Local dance and artistic professionals are encouraged to attend as audience members and bring their voices to this conversation, and to provide choreographers with valuable feedback and networking opportunities. This artist/audience interface is what makes Small Plates truly special.

Choreographers who have their work chosen will be responsible for their own travel to the performance and accommodations on island. There are no travel stipends for these performances. Choreographers will receive a video and photographs of their work after the show.

Dancers and choreographers must be available for technical rehearsal on Thursday, September 19, and call time for performances will be 5:00 p.m.

The deadline to apply is June 15, 2019. You will be notified by email on or before July 1 with our decision of acceptance or rejection. If your piece is accepted, you will have one week after you receive our email to submit your program information, technical information, publicity photos, and sound file.

All work will be adjudicated by a panel of career choreographers and dance professionals holding BFA's/MFA's from university dance programs across the nation, and experienced in Dance, Production and Mixed Media Arts.


Entry Fee:

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32 Festival Les Instants Vidéo - November 2019





The Festival Les Instants Vidéo is an event dedicated to video art and electronic poetry with its multiple forms, monobands, installations, performances, multimedia...

In 1969, Neil Armstrong setthe firstmankind foot on the moon. The same year, Nam June Paik created a bra with two tiny TV sets featuring this remarkable event.Charlotte Moorman wore it overherbare breast as she played her cello : TV Bra for Living sculptures.The event goteven more remarkable. Video art created a constellation connecting erotism, technology and thecosmos. In 2019, thousands of women, men and children (thousands of Neil Armstrong) are not allowed to set foot on the ground. They are wrecked at sea aboard their miniature Apollo 11. The shrinking of the planet andhumans’dreams.

There is only three ways to avoid drowning into an ocean of despair 1) a love encounter 2) to act jointly for a social revolution towards freedom 3) to take on an ongoing basis poetic and artistic actions.

In regard to points 1) and 2), it is not in the missions of Instants Vidéo. We are not matchmakers, nor a Political Bureau. We are simply a group of freedom loving people, and for this reason we throw open the doors of the festival to all the artistic works keen to make life more interesting than art.

Video art didn’t have its last word, nor shown its last image. 

Artists of the world, let’s unite our films, video installations and performances so that every human being can walk around the earth freely, as weightless as a cosmonaut in outer space.


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