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Queer Environmental Worlds




Queer Environmental Worlds

Residency Dates: June 15th –June 30th, 2019

Call for Submissions Deadline: May 13th, 2019

Cost: $715 USD.

Students & Latin-American citizens $585 USD

Fees include meals & Shuttle from Airport/Anima – Anima/Airport

Curated by Sabine LeBel & Alison Taylor (Canada)

Future worlds. Alternate realities. Parallel universes. Far off planets. These are just some of the places we may discover in Queer Environmental Worlds, which is the theme for a residency at Anima Casa Rural.

Queering environmental futures means busting down the divisions between utopia and dystopia and asking: what can queering the future bring to the environmental crises of the current moment? As queers we already occupy liminal bodies, have activist histories, have lived with and through toxicity, and thus bring a unique perspective to environmental catastrophe. Queering the future is about refiguring the paradigms of colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and heteronormativity that have brought us to this environmentally precipitous moment.

Anima Casa Rural, because it creates ecological alternatives, is an ideal location for imagining environmentally sustainability. Queer Environmental Worlds turns to tropes of science fiction where we can render the familiar unfamiliar and see it anew. We like to imagine the future as environmentalist and fuelled by an spirit of radical ethical experimentalism.

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