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Open Call: Dance Film Submissions





Sans Souci's 18th Call for Entries

Open Call: Dance Film Submissions

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema proudly invites submissions of film and video works that integrate dance and cinematography for our 17th annual festival season. We encourage submissions from all artists regardless of credentials and affiliations.

Early Bird Deadline: Feb 28, 2021
Final Deadline: Apr 4, 2021

Submission fees vary by category.

Please see our website or our FilmFreeway page to read the complete rules and regulations before submitting. Keep an eye on and our Facebook page to stay up to date on news and deadlines!

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema is a niche film festival based in Boulder, Colorado (USA), screening works in our hometown, across the USA, and around the world. With an expansive definition of dance and an appreciation for highly experimental and interdisciplinary forms, this unique festival exposes diverse audiences to a variety of film, video, and performance possibilities.


Curatorial Criteria:
The integration of dance and cinematography is the heart of our work. When choosing works for exhibition and installation, we consider thoughtful forms and themes, investigative / innovative / experimental approaches, production values, audience appeal, choreographic creativity, virtuosic performance, and program fit. None of these criteria is a must; none is more important than the others; excellence in any one or two areas may be sufficient for acceptance. Cinematic elements must be an integral part of every entry. We encourage submissions from all artists regardless of credentials and affiliations.

Head to our website ** for more info.

New this year, we've adjusted our categories to invite the widening spectrum of contemporary works. Before submitting, please see the descriptions of each category on our FilmFreeway page.
▪ dance film - short (< 16 min)
▪ dance film - long (> 16 min)
▪ dance documentary - short (< 16 min)
▪ dance documentary - long (> 16 min)
▪ performance documentation / hybrid (< 16 min only)
▪ music video (< 5 min only)
▪ micro short (< 1 min only)
▪ youth directors - age 18 & under (< 3 min only)
▪ student director - age 19 & over (< 5 min only)
▪ first time filmmaker — non student, age 19 & over (<5 min only)

Other News This Year
If the submission fee creates a financial barrier to your entry, Sans Souci may be able to help. For the first time ever, we’re offering a limited number of submission fee waivers and fee assistance to those with financial hardship. If you’d like to apply for this program, please submit an application form (available on the Submit page on our website) by the Early Bird Deadline of February 28. You’ll be notified shortly after the Early Bird Deadline whether or not you’ve been selected for a waiver. If not, you’ll still receive the Early Bird Deadline price for submission.
As stated in our mission and values, increasing equitable access to dance cinema festivals is a high priority for us. If you have questions about this, please feel free to reach out. Submitting the form does not guarantee receiving a waiver. Receiving fee assistance does not grant acceptance to the festival. All films submitted must go through curation, and may or may not be accepted for screening.

Please see our Submit Page or our FilmFreeway page to read the complete rules and terms before submitting. Keep an eye on and our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on news and deadlines!

Image is a frame from "Terrablue" (2018, USA) directed by Ana Baer and Rosely Conz.

HELPFUL LINKS: -- More Info -- Questions, etc. -- To Submit -- Keep in touch -- Get reminders

Prize summary: 
Audience Choice Awards
Prizes Details: 

Audience Choice Awards are given out at the end of each season.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Fees vary by category - see FilmFreeway
Contact & Links: 

Call for entries: TDP'19 international dance festival: films events





About TDP'19

TDP' is Tipperary Dance Platform’s international dance festival. TDP'19 will take place the 7-13 October 2019


TDP'19 screendance programme

The festival's screendance programme presents a selection of short dance films (max. 15 minutes) from around the world. TDP' is looking for innovative artworks created through the cross-breeding of dance and the syntax of cinema to create original forms.



Films must be no longer than 15 minutes. The selected films will be included in either of two programmes: 

  1. TDP'19 cinema dance screening. Presented in a cinema with digital facilities. 
  2. TDP'19 screen dance exhibition. Presented in an Art Gallery on high definition TVs and video projections.



TDP'19 screendance will award two prizes:

  • Best film in the TDP'19 cinema screendance selection: $250 
  • Best film in the TDP'19 screen dance exhibition selection: $250
  • There will be a special audience recognition award.

For more details, follow the submission links


More about the festival

This annual festival invites audiences to a full week of dance, showcasing the latest works of choreographers and film makers. TDP’ includes live performances, screendance projections, master class programs, symposiums, training/investigation laboratories for dancers and choreographers, classes for the community, exhibitions, and installations.

Set in the dramatic landscape of the Aherlow mountains, Tipperary Dance Platform is characterised by its careful curation, cutting edge programme, and friendly atmosphere: a vibrant festive gathering and the best of Irish hospitality for audiences, participants and artists.





Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
€15 per entry
Contact & Links: 

DanceBARN Festival



About the Festival

The DanceBARN Festival is an annual event that brings professional dancers, choreographers, and dance educators together for one week of dancing, creating, relaxing, and performing in the heart of the lakes.

A Collective Experience

The DanceBARN Festival can't happen without you. Our directors curate a diverse week of classes, screenings, performances, recreational and community events, and select choreographers to produce work during the week-long festivities. Apply to be part of the 2019 Festival!

Share Dance with our Community

Battle Lake, Minnesota is a resorting community nestled in "the heart of the lakes" that thrives off of summer tourism. The town is supportive of the arts and always ready to learn from the dancers attending the festival. We would love you to share your passion for dance with our town!

Connect and Relax at the Lake

Not only do you get to spend an entire week dancing and creating with incredible teachers and choreographers, but you also enjoy communal meals, great conversation, and afternoons at the lake. 

We are so excited to be partnering with The Hideaway at Xanadu Island for lodging!




Contact & Links: 
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