Cyclic Matter | Matéria Cíclica | Non-Profit & Charity | Alto Foz - Atouguia da Baleia | Art Jobs
Sector: Art, Ecology, Community
Country: Europe
Europe: Portugal
City: Alto Foz - Atouguia da Baleia
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: Bairro dos Ferreiras, 8
Phone: +351 939301910

- About -

Welcome to Matéria Cíclica! A cultural hotspot that provides a productive and learning platform, where art and the natural environment interact to provoke shifts in society.
We are specialized hosts. We self-publish and exhibit investigations with our guests in the field of art practice and the environmental humanities, while providing spaces and strategies for an ecocentric community to grow. We do this by putting our artists and researchers at the centre of socio-political contemporary contexts in the localities of the region and by engaging the community with a circular economy way of working.