Theatre Consultant (Team Leader)



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Monday 3rd December 2018

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Charcoalblue, the world’s leading theatre design consultancy, seeks a talented theatre practitioner interested in developing their experience as a Theatre Consultant (Team Leader).

We are offering you the opportunity to join our growing Melbourne studio, working in an innovative and creative environment.

You may be from a technical or creative background in theatre looking for a new challenge, having worked in Lighting or Sound, been a Head of Department, or a Technical or Production Manager. You will have a strong interest in shaping the way the next generation of performing arts spaces are built.

You will undertake a wide range of design tasks including managing a team of Charcoalblue designers in a range of disciplines, as well as working closely with outside consultants, such as Architects and Engineers, advising and coordinating on all aspects of Theatre and Venue Design.  You will be required to use your own initiative and be self-motivated. Ideally you will have already worked on a building-based or site-specific project in some form, however talent, experience and a positive attitude can be supplemented by internal training in Theatre Consultancy.

An understanding of the construction process, or record in project management in your theatre background will be looked on positively.  You should have an excellent general knowledge of all aspects of technical theatre. A proven experience in technical drawing and writing of reports will be necessary.

Experience in 2D and 3D CAD is also essential.