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#2 Open Call for Artists






Dafne Project is pleased to invite emerging and established artists to submit artworks for its 2nd online exhibition. We aim to present a diverse body of artwork in different mediums and styles and for that we will select artists to feature their work at Dafne-Project website for a minimum of two months, displaying their work in the online collective gallery, each pic linked to the artist.

Also, artists with selected works will be given the opportunity to associate in a 2nd level and have a personal artist page in our website as well as dynamic posting in Dafne Project’s social media pages.


Open Call launch: 10-November- 2019

Entry deadline: 30-November-2019 (midnight)

Announcement of Participating Artists: 10-December-2019

Online exhibition: from 15-December-2019 to 15 February 2020   

Who Can Participate: All visual artists, national and international artists may apply.                       

How are artists selected: Dafne-Project is curated by its founders and they will be the jurors reviewing and selecting the pieces submitted.

Accepted artworks: all 2-dimensions works (painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, digital art, mixed media, illustration, etc) but do not apply pieces dated prior to 2018

Entry Fee: none



Supporting artists by contributing to overcome obstacles every artist has in their ongoing quest to show their work, gain experience and visibility.

We aim to present a diverse body of artwork in different mediums and styles and basically we work in 3 levels and to participate artists submit their work spontaneously or via Open Calls (like this one) - more info in Dafne Project's website.


Entry Fee:

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New Beginnings - Open Call for Artists





The Dafne Project is expanding its mission to embrace artists from all over the world: we are seeking submissions for our first online visual arts collective exhibition and our goal is to produce a cohesive themed display, featuring up to forty artists.

We welcome submissions from beginners and established artists alike. The theme is about beginnings so, if you are a young artist, this open call is a remarkable opportunity for jump-start your career, allowing you to gain international exposure and creating networking opportunities.

All submissions must consider:

· MEDIUMS: all 2-dimensional work is accepted but do not apply pieces dated prior to 2018

· PIC/PICTURE FORMAT AND DIMENSION: 300 dpi in jpeg only and a max of 3 pics

· THEME: "Start close in" poem by David Whyte

· DEADLINE: 30th September 2019

· ELIGIBILITY: international

· ENTRY FEE: none

· EXHIBITION: online group exhibition from 1st October to 31st December (minimum)

Selected artwork pics will feature the Dafne Project website for a minimum of two months, being displayed in the online collective gallery, each pic linked to you.

(as this will be Dafne Project's first online gallery there will be no "exhibition fee" charged)


Entry Fee:

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POOL_ art&design studio



POOL studio is a hybrid project, residence, studio_gallery, and workshops in a private touristic village in Comporta, 1h and 15 minutes from Lisbon, a swoop of coast between the Sado Estuary and the sea. Surrounded by rice paddies, the ocean, sand dunes and pine forests. This region is particularly well maintained, partly because it is largely classified as a ‘highly protected nature reserve’. It’s a unique place, where you can connect with nature. Right in front of the studio there is a swimming pool, and its 5 min from the beach.

If you are an artist, designer, photographer, etc, etc searching for a studio to rent abroad this is a perfect place for working and have holidays at the some time. 

You will have a room, doube or single and a working space about 25 m2. 

Contact & Links: 

Summer Open Call 2019






Open Call for artists of visual arts, performance, drawing and
video to culminate in an exhibition of the work developed in this
residence programme.

After 10 days of work in studio the “Transparent Gravity” in col-
laboration with the artist will start the processe of preparation of

the exhibition and its catalogue.
A prize of € 1500 will be awarded to the selected artists for use
during the period of the residence programme, as a support for
materials, food and other costs. This value will not be subject to
any kind of return.

In case there are application processes above the expected num-
bers, with quality and relevance in the current artistic panorama,

Transparent Gravity will perform a new opening beyond the cur-
rent one, using the applications that correspond to the mentioned

quality parameters, in date to be announced, with prior notice to
those who applied to the first programme.
*The program does not cover health or accident insurance, so it
is the responsibility of the artists to be zealous for their physical


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Other Lands Other Sounds 2019





CALL FOR ARTISTS (Visual arts and Music)

Other Lands, Other Sounds 2019

A Residential Course for Collaborative Arts Practice in Góis, Portugal
August 28 - September 09, 2019


An intensive residential course bringing together visual artists and musicians to work collaboratively over ten days, creating new works combining photography, moving image, music, and sound art. Surrounded by the beautiful mountainside scenery of Gois, Portugal, Other Lands, Other Sounds 2019 offers a supportive environment for advanced practitioners (professionals, amateurs, students) who want to develop their practice through cross-arts experimentation and collaboration. Musicians will work closely with composer Filipe Sousa, exploring devised composition, improvisation, and collaborative music-making processes. Visual artists will work with Beatriz Martinez, exploring photography and video, and how to merge aesthetics and concept into multi-disciplinary projects. Intensive work sessions will be balanced with nature hikes, local sightseeing, swimming in the river, visiting local cafes and enjoying the relaxed pace of rural Portuguese life.

“The Other Lands, Other Sounds programme is fantastic – a great opportunity to explore composition and improvisation processes and approaches in a beautiful and supportive environment. The town of Gois is an ideal location for exploring creativity and artistry. I am very pleased to have chosen this programme and the support I received has really helped my work." (Other Lands, Other Sounds 2017 Testimonial)

€850 fee, €250 deposit (includes room and board, and tuition, does not include travel to Góis)Spaces limited


This project is delivered in partnership with RAIZVANGUARDA - Associação Cultural.


Contact & Links: 


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