100 Emerging Artists: 2024 Women’s Edition

We proudly present “100 Emerging Artists: 2024 Women’s Edition”, an initiative by the Arts to Hearts Project. This edition marks the inaugural launch of our landmark publication designed to spotlight and celebrate emerging women artists from around the globe.

In an art world that often favors established names, we believe in the power of fresh, untapped talent that pulses with potential. We aim to uncover these hidden gems and provide them with a platform where their creativity can be seen, appreciated, and celebrated. This mission forms the core of our project as we strive to illuminate the creative landscape with new voices and perspectives.

Calling All Artists: ATH Magazine Issue 6

We’re absolutely over the moon to share with you all that we’re now inviting art submissions for the sixth edition of ATH Magazine! We’re on the lookout for truly unique and exciting artwork that dares to question the norm and sparks interesting conversations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known artist or someone who’s just beginning to discover the wonders of creative expression—we warmly welcome all of you to send in your pieces.

This is more than just an opportunity to see your work printed in a magazine. This is your chance to join a supportive and ever-growing community of people who truly value and promote the power that art holds. It’s about making connections, inspiring others, and pushing boundaries.

At Large, Animals on the Loose

Submit your art and photography of animals on the loose, in the wild, unleashed, outdoors, in the water or the sky! 2D and 3D artwork and photography desired.

For this exhibition, submit your best animal art and photography work that shows us the spirit and idea of being free, uncaged, on the loose, and at large. Animals can be wild, feral, domestic, or anything in between. 

All entries must be the original artwork of the submitting artist. Artwork must not have been accepted to one of our previous shows. 

Quick note: We are replacing "Special Merit Awards" with "Finalists" to more accurately describe the caliber of artwork in that category. We are repeatedly floored by the quality of entries received and wish to honor our artists appropriately.


20 INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES vote on online art images (artists in all countries can compete).
Site has entry discount special (as low as $16.50), voting galleries, previous winning art, press articles on previous winners...

All 50 categories have 1st to 6th Place winners (300+ winners): Painting, sculpture, photography, digital... Oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, realism, impressionism, naïve, abstract, expressionism, human figure, animal, landscape, fantasy, surrealism, pop, portrait, self-portrait, political, erotic, cubism, floral, humor, spiritual...

“Future” International Open Call to Artists and Writers—Deadline February 29, 2024

The artist's and writer's call for the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Future is now open.  

The future is a canvas of endless possibilities, waiting to be painted by the choices we make today. It is a journey we embark upon with every passing moment, shaped by our dreams, aspirations, and actions. Is the future a world where technology has advanced beyond our control, the environment has been irreversibly modified, and other untold dangers lie in wait? Or is it full of hope and promise, offering us the chance to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and the world? Do tell.

Call to Artists: Curating Collage Workshop 2024

Curating is a vital part of art’s function: a curator creates a bridge between artwork and audience. For artists, this process can be confusing and mysterious. The goal of the Curating Collage Workshop is to equip artists with the tools to curate their own work, to work with curators, and build exhibitions that connect with diverse audiences.


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