Performance And Self-portrayal -- a dialog and publication

We are seeking artists and photographers to join a dialogue and survey publication exploring the intersection of performance to camera and photographic self-portraiture. We are interested in artists who work in both fields, as well as those who specialize in one or the other, to participate in a conversation that will explore the overlaps and tensions between these two disciplines. Through this dialogue, we hope to uncover the unique qualities of each form of expression and to better understand how they can inform and enrich each other.

Submit to The Flat Files: Artist Interviews & Studio Visits

The Flat Files is a growing virtual archive of artist conversations highlighting the diverse mediums and subject matter often over looked in the art world. In addition to these conversations, artists will have a platform to share their studio space to inspire others in their artistic careers.

  • Deadline May 28, 2023

  • $15 Application fee

    • Selected artists will receive a complimentary issue and feature in The Mobile Library Magazine. The magazine contains submissions by our magazine artists and writers, a transcript from our podcast, and your artist interview/studio visit feature. If you would like a print copy, regardless of whether you're selected, the fee is $20.

mapping and map as a social construct

We are happy to announce that we are making a zine in the topic of cultural mapping and map as a social construct.

Our goal is to make independent and nomadic artistic and cultural work visible, by using this map as a tool for empowerment and connection rather than a fixed device created by institutional power. We encourage practices that are normally excluded from traditional cultural circuits.

We accept new or already existing works/visual material that reflect on this topic from many disciplines; visual arts, performance art, street art, public art, multimedia art, sound art, socially engaged projects, poetry, essay, etc... 

“Spring” International Open Call to Artists and Writers—Deadline May 31, 2023

The artist's and writer's call for the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Spring issue is now open.  

The current issue theme is spring. The seasons pull us from one state to another, perhaps from frozen, hibernating and quiet to thawed, reborn, and growing. Sometimes our spring lets us embrace something new, fall into first love, or see fresh horizons. Spring brings birds, butterflies, frogs, nests, tulips and fragrant blossoms. What’s the seasonal impact in your world? What makes spring more tantalizing than winter or summer? Spring can be literal, abstract, emotional or intellectual; past, present or future; brief or lifelong. Express your spring with words or imagery.  

International Open Call Exhibition

We are now accepting submissions for our upcoming group exhibition

Artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for consideration. You are welcome to submit works in any printmaking medium. (mono print, mono type, woodcut, digital, mixed media etc).

Any artist from any background can submit any of their work as we are looking for the most captivating artwork to be part of our exhibition

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No, Seriously! Open Call


Many people all over the world celebrate April 1. “April Fools’ Day”, “Humor Holiday”, “Day of Laughter”, you name it.

Although we like to be in good mood and believe that positiveness spins the world, we don’t quite like to limit good mood to holidays - even official unofficial like April 1.

In a wish to retort, we would like to announce a “No, Seriously!” open call. We would like to see your artworks dedicated not only to seriousness but also mocking the imposed good mood, false happiness and forced jokes. The open call is not just about seriousness but about sincerity of emotions, too.



March 15, 2023




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