Calling all Performing Artists! Apply for VSPS 2024

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Calling all Performing Artists for Works-in-Progress: Mark DeGarmo Dance Seeks Applicants for its Virtual Salon Performance Series for Social Change 2024, Broadcast via Zoom on Thursdays Feb. 1, Mar. 7 & Apr. 4 at 7:00 PM ET with the theme Dance as Social Rescue & Healing

Apply now via Google Form:
***Deadline Extension: October 7, 2023 11:59PM ET.

Coexistence and Boundaries

In psychology, Coexistence and Boundaries should be a microcosm of human relationships. From parent-child relationships to intimate relationships, and then to social interactions, symbiosis and boundaries are actually nowhere to be found in relationships between countries and even between humans and nature. All things are one, and only through symbiosis can they last forever; The foundation of symbiosis should be based on respecting the boundaries of other species or individuals. Just as the current issue of Japan discharging nuclear contaminated water into the sea is actually a lack of respect for the borders of other countries.


ACCCA (Companhia Clara Andermatt) and INAC (Instituto Nacional das Artes de Circo) are holding auditions for a new creation under the artistic direction of Clara Andermatt. We are seeking circus and dance artists with skills in acrobatic techniques, particularly 'hand-to-hand' combined force techniques, as well as contemporary dance. Strong emphasis will be placed on performative and theatrical skills.

The selection of performers is guided by criteria of both technical and artistic qualities, without regard to age, gender, physical, intellectual, or social background. Our objective is to create a diverse, inclusive, and multidimensional ensemble.

ATTN: BIPOC choreographers & dance filmmakers

MODArts Dance Collective (MADC) is elated to announce its sixth annual Move to Change Dance Festival on Friday, November 3 & Saturday, November 4 7:30pm EST at Speyer Hall @ University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002 & Livestream with on demand viewing option.  Move to Change uses dance as a form of social justice and arts activism through the lens of people of BIPOC choreographers & dance filmmakers. The 2023 open submission call is Monday, July 24 - midnight on Monday, September 11. There is a $10 application fee to submit that goes towards production fees. There is no participation fee if chosen. 

For more information and to apply, you can go to

Emotions & Colors - Self Exploration Art Exhibition

Emotions are the driving force of every individual's existence, and when we possess emotions, we exhibit vitality. When emotions no longer exist, life loses its inner vitality. From passionate crime to Dep's depression, and then to apathy of schizophrenia. We can glimpse how emotions are changing within each person's body, and many people are unaware of their emotions and ultimately go astray.

And color is a rendering of externalized emotional power. Once our emotions are given color, we can more intuitively perceive their emotions from the colors.

SerformanceP - International Performance Art Exhibition in Sao Paulo

"SerformanceP 2023": 7th International Performance Art Exhibition in São Paulo!

Since 2015, SerformanceP promotes the production and enjoyment of performing arts in different formats. Annually, artists from around the world show their creations in an exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil, a cultural and countercultural hub in the global south.

Over the years, "SerformanceP" has evolved into a prestigious platform that showcases the most innovative and daring performances from artists worldwide. With a rich history of pushing artistic boundaries and transcending traditional norms, this remarkable event has earned international acclaim as a beacon of creativity and expression.


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