Music Connected Us





Friday, October 7, 2022

All-women exhibition ‘Music Connected Us' by The Artist Workspace Gallery featuring works by Anna Kolosova and Melissa Vipritskaya Topal.

About this event

The Artist Workspace Gallery (AWS) invites you to an all-female upcoming London exhibition. 

On October 7th at 6-9PM, London artists and Central Saint Martins graduates, Anna Kolosova and Melissa Vipritskaya Topal will exhibit paintings and sculptures (including one collaborative piece created by the two artists) at Unit 3 Projects, Bow, 3 Empson Street, E3 3LT.

‘Music Connected Us’ focuses on women supporting women and embodies the best of what women in the art world have to offer today. The show strives to show how we — as female creatives — can shape the future of female artists, the work that we create, as well as, the support that we can provide as colleagues, rather than as competition, i.e. our own re-interpretation of #girlpower !


Anna Kolosova (https://www.instagram.com/annakolosovaartist/)

Anna Kolosova is a contemporary artist living in London. Her practice is focused on painting in an ‘expanded field,’ experimenting with materials, dimensions and with life itself. Anna paints sound, energies and personal experiences seen through her synesthetic visions.

Anna is an internationally exhibited artist. She has exhibited her work in London, Milan, Düsseldorf and Moscow. Anna and her work have been featured in The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, and in Vogue. She is a graduate from Central Saint Martins where she holds a Master's Degree in Fine Art.

Melissa Vipritskaya Topal (https://www.instagram.com/melissavtopal/)

Melissa Vipritskaya Topal is a London artist whose work explores the world's intricacies through painting and sculpture using acrylics, markers and rich pigments. Through her work, she hybridizes nature with mechanical tools and urban landscapes to reflect the chaos, speed and noise of big cities. Her constant research of silhouettes, lines and forms, her curiosity and passion for experimentation with different materials, colour and form inform her own unique style.

Melissa’s pieces are exhibited across the United Kingdom, organising group exhibitions in collaboration with other artists and curators. She holds a BA in Project Management and has studied previously at Central Saint Martins. 

Curated by / words by: 

Zoë Goetzmann (curator, director and founder of the Artist Workspace Gallery (AWS (https://www.instagram.com/theartistworkspacegallery/), a London based virtual nomadic gallery for emerging fine and digital artists. 

Zoë holds an MA Degree in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. She also holds an MA Degree in Fashion Journalism from the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design in London. Zoë is an Art Journalist who writes for the international art publication, Create! Magazine.

The AWS Gallery has been publicised by art platforms and publications such as, Seb’s Art List, Cosimo.art, Made in Bed Magazine and website. AWS Gallery champions the representation and visibility of women artists. We strive for the empowerment, representation and representation of all female artists (including women artists of colour, non-binary and female-identifying artists). 

PRIVATE VIEW: October 7 2022 (18.00 PM - 21.00 PM)

Exhibition Open: 8 - 9 October 2022 by appointment

Please email to book: zoe@theartistworkspacegallery.com

Unit 3, 3 Empson Street, E3 3LT

Joomi Chung, (In)Visible






Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Joomi Chung, (In)Visible
October 18 – November 05, 2022
Reception: Tuesday, October 18th, 5-7PM

Strata Gallery presents a solo exhibition, (In)Visible by Ohio-based artist Joomi Chung. The exhibition opens October 18 with an artist reception from 5-7pm.

(In)Visible explores subjective experiences of time; simultaneous looking into and through another body; and the intersection between aural and visual experiences. The exhibition includes two experimental animations and a series of small-scale paintings. Transit (7:45) focuses on an experience of moving through time-space as a driver. Inside a Waterdog’s Head (6:54) portrays the world seen and felt by the artist’s dog, recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. While the two time-based works evoke a sensation of passing through a flux of time, the gouache painting series, Still Frames, offers a moment to contemplate the spaces contained in fractions of seconds.

Joomi Chung is a Korean-American artist based in Oxford, Ohio where she is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Miami University. Her work has been exhibited at national and international venues including Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati, OH; Urban Arts Space, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI; Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; Seoul Art Center at Hangaram Museum and SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul, South Korea; and the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic among others. Joomi Chung is excited to show her new body of work at Strata Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Strata Gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday. For more information about Strata Gallery, the current exhibit, and the future schedule of events, please visit the Strata Gallery website and Instagram.

Masks required


Strata Gallery 418 Cerrillos Road, 1C Santa Fe, NM 87501

Vernissage "Remember Earth?" In//Between #8 Residency Exhibition






Friday, September 23, 2022

REMEMBER EARTH? - Vernissage of Collaborative Residency Exhibition 


Come to the Vernissage of the Kulturschöpfer In//Between #8 Residency Program and meet our four unique artists who used our Green Hill Gallery as a studio to create an exciting exhibition in one month. This collaborative project is all about bringing creative minds from all around the world together, in a space that does not belong to any one artist, culture, language, art form, or discipline. The result of this experience will be an exhibition that is influenced by each artist individually, but is also a sign of artistic team work, exchange and collaboration. 

The artists of our IN//BETWEEN #8 now unveil the theme of the exhibition on THIS FRIDAY: 


Remember Earth?

It’s the year 3022 After Bees (a.B.) a collection of artifacts, fossils, sounds and images of the past are exhibited here as remnants of a lost civilization in a planet called earth. Something strange happened; researchers conformed of several disciplines are working together in order to discover what provoked their massive extinction.


You want to find out what will happen in the After Bees (a.B.)? You want to know more about the art inspirations of the artists? Then come and join us at the Vernissage on 23. September at 19:00! 

The "Remember Earth" Exhibition will be up in Green Hill Gallery from 23rd September to 20th October!


Come and join us and meet the great artists:

Come and join us and meet the great artists:

Emilea Finch (Instagram

Paula Nahmood (Instagram

Yaoxi Wei (Instagram

Caesár (Instagram)


Find more Info on our Website !

Green Hill Gallery Grünbergerstr. 13, 10243 Berlin

Reflection of the soul. The inner and outer through image





Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sabato 1 ottobre saranno le auliche sale del Museo Scalvini di Desio ad ospitare la mostra ideata dalla MA-EC Gallery per questa diciassettesima edizione del Milano Photofestival.
Reflection of the soul. The inner and outer through image riunisce fotografi provenienti dall’Europa, dall’America e dalla Cina. Come afferma Chiara Canali, autore del testo critico in catalogo, “sono artisti differenti per background, formazione e provenienza geografica che testimoniano il tempo attuale attraverso altrettante visioni, alcune più interiori e psichiche, altre rivolte a indagare la vita, la società e l’ambiente esterno in cui viviamo. Un primo gruppo di fotografi mette in relazione il proprio lavoro con la corporeità attraverso una rifles­sione che intende recuperare il senso originale del termine “estetica” come scienza della percezione. Alcuni studi hanno rivelato che la percezione dei corpi in fotografia attiva in maniera esclusiva la corteccia prefrontale ventromediale, un’area altamente coinvolta in mol­tissimi compiti cognitivi complessi. Questa fotografia impone un nuovo modo di vedere, nuove relazioni tra soggetto che guarda, tra il dispositivo e l’oggetto della visione e della rappresentazione. Un secondo gruppo di fotografi rivendica, invece, alla fotografia la capacità di essere in sintonia con il proprio tempo e spazio, di saperlo ben raffigurare e dunque di essere capace di dar luogo a efficaci e sinestetiche esperienze del reale.”

La diciassettesima edizione di Photofestival, rassegna annuale di fotografia d’autore, invita a riflettere sull’importanza dell’obiettivo fotografico per osservare il mondo, e noi stessi, con occhi diversi. Un mese e mezzo di fotografia tra grandi nomi e fotografi emergenti, con oltre 150 mostre dislocate nella Città Metropolitana di Milano, in Lombardia e, per la prima volta, in altre città italiane. Coinvolte 115 sedi espositive tra gallerie d’arte, musei, biblioteche, palazzi storici e negozi di fotografia.

La più ricca e importante rassegna milanese dedicata alla fotografia d’autore è organizzata e promossa da AIF - Associazione Italiana Foto & Digital Imaging in collaborazione con Impresa Cultura Confcommercio Milano. Tante mostre, ma anche incontri, presentazioni, letture portfolio e workshop per diffondere la passione per le immagini fotografiche, con un festival che rafforza la presenza sul territorio e diversifica la sua offerta, estendendo le collaborazioni culturali.



Coordinate mostra:

Titolo:  Reflection of the soul. The inner and outer through image

                 Testo critico di Chiara Canali

Organizzatore: MA-EC Gallery

Sede: Museo Scalvini – Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi

           Via Lampugnani, 62, Desio (MB)

Opening: sabato 1 ottobre ore 17

Orari: giovedì-domenica ore 10:30-12:30 e 15:30-18:00

Info:  info.milanart@gmail.com; 02 39831335; 349.5134975

Evento inserito nel circuito del Milano Photofestival 2022

Museo Scalvini







Saturday, September 17, 2022

Renewed within the spaces of A60 Contemporary Art Space Milano is the exhibition entitled Skyline now in its second edition. 

Great is the journey that also this year is made by observing the creations of artists of the 20th century and contemporary, all united in their diversity towards the horizon that art always brings in history: Skyline is this. For us, the horizon of creation is a wide and deep window, capable of capturing the infinite directions of thought becoming matter. Man cannot live without a horizon, but he often forgets it and walks stubbornly and selfishly on roads that are not bearers of truth and beauty: never before has all this seemed evident, overwhelming, urgent. The horizon of art, is life in sign, color, matter, space and sound. From the end of 2019 until today the pandemic has affected our existence, our relationships, life in space and everyone in his or her own way has tried to defend themselves not always with the right weapons. Artists have continued with great difficulty to project themselves into creation: within this exhibition we will see very different positions in a polyphonic confrontation useful in our opinion in relation to the proposed theme. Skyline is horizon, profile, gaze, expectation, limit. And so, in this way the visitor will be able to observe drawings, paintings, photographs, digital art, videos, and installations that tell stories related to spaces and conditions experienced in different forms by humans.

A question appears overwhelming today more than yesterday: have we forgotten Nature? How important is the Environment to us? These questions we should all ask ourselves every day. Not only in the 20th century has art demonstrated its strong commitment to the environmental issue, but today this appears more urgent through positions that need not be ideological. Many of the works in the exhibition focus on this fundamental issue that must be for us the sensitive horizon of life that is realized in creation.

Curators: Emanuele Gregolin, Pengpeng Wang

Assistant Curators: Zheng Bing

Critics: Angelo D'Amato, Michele Apuzzo

Artists: Alexandr Sokolov & Alexandr Makarov, André Castinel, Bao Fusheng, Che Yimeng, Chen Zechuan, Claudio Granaroli, Cong Ming, Duan Dayong, Duilio Bartolini, Enzo Persicalli, Gao Ming, Giandante. X, Giovanni Gusmeroli, He Xiao, Hong Lingling, Huang Xinkuo, Joaquim Chancho, Koos van Vlijmen, Li Chao, Lin Yi, Luca Conca, Luo Zhonglin, Lyu Zexin, Marco Biagioni, Marco Cannas, Mario De Santis, Olinsky, Qian Han, Shen Jingdong, T. Klersy, Tang Chunhong, Tarcisio Pasquetti, Tony Tedesco, Vittorio Viviani, Wei Rongjia, Wei Zhen, Wu Jilan, Yang Fengming, Yang Jingjing, Zhang Xingyuan, Zhao Jianwei, Zhou Yuxi, Zhou Ziyu, Zou Meiqi

A60 Contemporary Art Space

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022






Thursday, September 29, 2022
  • The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 received over 3,200 submissions from 1,600 candidates located across the world.
  • 113 drawings by 94 artists shortlisted for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize.
  • 21 drawings by 19 practitioners shortlisted for the Working Drawing Award.
  • Exhibition Launch & Awards Announcements will be on 28 September 2022.
  • The Exhibition will be open to the public at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London from 29 September to 16 October 2022.

Known as the UK’s most prestigious annual open exhibition for drawing, the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize received over 3,200 entries from 1,617 artists and drawing practitioners from 45 countries for the 2022 exhibition.

113 drawings by 94 artists were selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 by Lucy Byatt, Director of Hospitalfield; Danie Mellor, Artist; Isabel Seligman, Monument Trust Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawing in the Department of Prints and Drawings at The British Museum.

The Working Drawing Award is a special category within the exhibition and celebrates the role of drawing within architecture, design and making processes.
21 working drawings by 19 practitioners were selected for the Working Drawing Award by: Niall Hobhouse, Collector, Writer & Trustee, Drawing Matter; Tania Kovats, Professor of Drawing & Making, University of Dundee; Daniel McAuliffe, Education Director (Hubs), The Prince’s Foundation.

The drawings selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 exhibition reflect a broad scope of contemporary drawing practice - including works on paper and other supports, moving image and performance - by artists and drawing practitioners at all stages of their careers – living and working across the UK as well as Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain, and the USA.

The following awards will be announced at the Exhibition Launch & Awards Announcement on 28 September 2022:

First Prize of £8,000

Second Prize of £5,000

Student Award of £2,000

Working Drawing Award of £2,000

The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2022 exhibition will open to the public at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London from 29 September 2022 until 16 October 2022 before touring to venues across the UK. A fully illustrated publication and public engagement programme will accompany the exhibition and tour.

The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize has an established reputation as the UK’s most important annual open exhibition for drawing.

Founded in 1994 by artist and Professor, Anita Taylor, Dean of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, the annual Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize celebrates talent and excellence in current drawing practice.

The exhibition provides an important platform for artists, designers, makers and other drawing practitioners as a catalyst within their careers, and champions the role, breadth, and value of drawing in creative practice today.

The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize is supported by the Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, and 2022 marks the fifth year of their generous support for the annual open exhibition, which was founded in 1994.

Key dates:

28 September 2022: Exhibition Launch & Awards Announcement

29 September 2022: Exhibition opens to the public at Trinity Buoy Wharf

16 October 2022: Exhibition closes at Trinity Buoy Wharf and goes on tour

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London


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