Write a Book in a Month: Online Course in November

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30 Days of Writing is an interactive online course that encourages and supports writers and artists in the process of writing a book. Throughout November, for the thirty days of the course, the focus will be on your writing, on finding the right voice to tell your story in, and on exploring ways to expand and layer your narrative.

30 Days of Writing is right for you if:

  • you want to create a substantial amount of writing in a short period of time
  • you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the book you want to write and would appreciate some guidance and detailed feedback
  • you have an idea for a book but are not sure how to go about writing it
  • you like working in the company of others, but also enjoy the comfort of writing in your own space and at a time that suits you
  • you have notes and fragments towards a book, and would like some input on how to organise everything and keep going
  • you'd like to experiment with different ways of putting together a book, whether using text on its own, or combining text with photographs, illustrations or other visual expressions

Tutor: Shaun Levin

Dates: 1 November - 1 December 2019

Fee: £380

For just over £12 a day, you'll receive:

  • detailed feedback
  • daily writing prompts
  • customised prompts and suggestions
  • 2 x one-to-one consultations
  • the company of other writers from around the world
  • 2 x the 12 Doable Writing Projects Writing Map
  • and the support to figure out what it takes to write your next book.

About the tutor: Shaun Levin is the author of Snapshots of The Boy, A Year of Two Summers and Seven Sweet Things, as well as the creative writing guides, The Writing Notebooks. He is the creator of Writing Maps and runs The A3 Press, an independent chapbook press. Shaun has been teaching creative writing for over twenty years and has worked closely with writers at all stages of their journey towards publication.


1 Month
November, 2019

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Shaun Levin