SOLO - The devised Monologue





Workshop and individual coaching with Christine Schmalor

The SOLO course supports artists who are creating a monologue, a monodrama, a solo performance or their own devised theatre evening.

The SOLO course is likewise aimed at all those who are currently taking a fresh look at their audition repertoire, because this can be about more than just a few pretty monologues, but about presenting your own artistic personality.

In any case, you need a roadmap for your steps. Working on oneself and with oneself is a journey into the unknown with the very practical questions: How do I structure my own artistic path? What do I have to keep in mind? How do I work with myself? What tasks should I set myself so that I can really break new ground?

You might have already a vague subject or a collection of artistic material, but how to work with it? We will touch the following subjects:

  • The artistic work with a theme and its practical implementation.
  • Steps to unfold your creative mind-flow.
  • The process of creation through intertextuality: discovering new patterns of speech and thought that, in particular, inspire playfulness.
  • Working with the artistic image – finding it, shaping it and stepping into it.
  • The art of composition as the basis and compass of designing a mono-performance or a monologue

Theory and insights want to be put into practice artistically; therefore, in all topics, joint practical exercises will help to understand more and to make the often lonely process both enjoyable and productive.

The SOLO course consists of 3 joint meetings with 3 hours each; with lecture, discussion and practical exercises to try out immediately together. After each meeting you will have a one-hour personal coaching session the following week to deepen the topic and apply it to your own project; dates by arrangement. Further coaching hours can then additionally be booked as needed.
Each meeting has a clearly outlined theme, so you can choose to attend all or just one. 

Register for the whole course, or:

SOLO 1 – Above All (6 May)

FINDING my theme – OPENING all dimensions of a theme – GIVING VOICE to my theme

SOLO 2 – The creative mind flow (13 May)

Intertextuality – game and chaos – THINK BIG!

SOLO 3 – Composition (20 May)

Building your fundament – your compass – your ARTISTIC LANGUAGE


6 + 13 + 20 May 2023
Saturday, May 6, 2023 to Saturday, May 20, 2023
regular 150 € // early bird 120 € // single meeting 60 €
Awarded by: 
World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT research centre of the International Theatre Institute