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Lorna loves the act of creating, whether it is through fabrics, fibre, paint, pencils, or wood. The line a particular pencil makes on paper, or the stroke mark a brush makes engenders a feeling that can expand into an entirely new direction, and that is always exciting.  She feels there are few limits to what art is, where she can get her inspiration from and where that inspiration may take her. She always strives to open her mind to what other great artists are doing or have done. The masters are awe inspiring, whether they worked hundreds of years ago, or are producing phenomenal art today.

Her aim with every piece she creates is to be continuously growing her skills and abilities and to expand her command of the materials she uses. With better skill she strives to improve the experience the person viewing her art has so they may better feel the connection she has with the subject. If they can connect with and understand some part of the subject’s life, loves, joys and sadness being felt at that moment, if the viewer is drawn in by the feeling she was experiencing when creating that artwork, her goal has been achieved.

She believes that art is more than just a pretty decoration but is a snapshot of a moment in time. It should emote feeling and bring a greater fullness of experience to our lives. Art, truly great art is something we cannot live without having in our lives. It should make life more complete and more than anything, better than it would be without it.

Beautiful Bella
Bella is a beautiful horse so bonded to her owner and friend. We can see in her eyes the warmth of her spirit and her will to do her best for whatever her person asks of her
The Raven
Ravens are intelligent and quirky creatures capable of using tools and forming strong bonds within their Corvid community and with others including humans. We can see the intelligence in this depiction and the curiosity as well

Lorna Beecroft has had a life-long joy of creating using anything at hand. Her serious journey into art began in 2015 when she was finally able to completely immerse herself in drawing and painting. She has followed her own self-directed educational path, attending workshops with world-class artists. taking local courses and using online resources. This combined with hours and hours of practice has brought her to where she is today, with so much more to try out and perfect.

Her favorite mediums are acrylics, oils, graphite, charcoal, Conte, pencils, and pastels. Each one has unique properties and produces wonderfully different outcomes.

Lorna has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember, finding great joy in their company. Naturally, her favorite subjects are the animals she has spent so many hours with, in particular horses, cats, and dogs.

For Lorna, the joy of creating is watching the subject(s) slowly appear out of the canvas or paper as if they have a will and life of their own. She believes the eyes are the mirror into their souls and is only satisfied when the viewer can dive into the piece and connect with the true spirit of each subject.

She was awarded "Special Merit" in the annual 2022 Light Space Time All Women's" show for "Beautiful Bella", chosen out of 1147 submissions from 30 different countries, and "Special Recognition" for "Nap Time". She is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, being awarded status by a jury of her peers. Her art has been juried into shows with CFA and displayed in their gallery as well as at other shows and galleries.

She looks forward every day to the adventure her art will lead her into and where the path ahead will go.

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