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D La Her (b.1991) is a Paris-based South Korean artist working on detailed figurative painting. She holds a BFA and MBA degree from France and studied fine art in the state of New York, USA. She participates this year in the Rea! Art Fair in Milan and will be an artist-in-residence in Barcelona. 

While exploring scenes of everyday life and festive memories, sometimes nostalgic, she studies the relation between the artist, its painting and the spectator. In her creations, moments pass, and faces disappear. These blank faces belong to the spectators and are gradually reconstructed in their minds. They constitute a meeting place for the intimate memories of individuals.

Based on the intersection of classical East Asian philosophy and 20th-century French philosophy, La Her investigates life, emptiness, and relational aesthetics. Her work echoes these reflections, using post-impressionism, American realism, and the seventh art as sources of inspiration.

Her educational background in cinema shines through how she frames scenes and balances light and tone. The artificial atmosphere of her works is reminiscent of film studios; it structures a narrative that is at once mysterious and dreamlike. This atmosphere is visible in the smallest details of each painting. The painting technique gives the spectator a different reading of her work depending on the viewing distance.

Her inspirations come from a life of multiculturalism and multidisciplinarity. Her works do not set any limits: the blank faces of the characters are addressed to everyone, regardless of origin, color, or gender. It is an empty field for reflection, an encounter with others and oneself... to finally fully grasp one's presence.

Rue de la République
2023 Acrylic on linen canvas 116 x 89 cm | 45 11/16 x 35 1/16 inches
Club Solimar
2022 Acrylic on linen canvas 73 x 54 cm | 28 3/4 x 21 1/4 inches
New York



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