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In my evolution as a creator, my approaches are always linked with my philosophical development and my islander condition.

Bearer of a critical culture, considering on the socio political reality, I use semantic powers of art to create works whose impact goes beyond the local context.

Space and time allow to think about change and continuity. They are the references by which we order our experience, meaning that, if you stop them, things will be transformed. It would be an absolute confrontation with the truth, with the exact moment, with the details of journey and the reason of the act itself. It is the right time when we circulate, the spectator and I, meeting each other and hypothetically making the dialogue.

I believe in the versatility of the artist and his power to point and transform, influencing any field, system, structure and generating changes.

Ricardo DE ARMAS

Pattern Entry and Exit
Materials. White pencil and acrylic on canvas Dimensiones. 180 x 145 cm
Work Credit: 
Ricardo DE ARMAS
Concentrated mass pattern
Materials. White pencil and acrylic on canvas Dimensiones. 150 x 100 cm
Work Credit: 
Ricardo DE ARMAS

Ricardo de Armas Rodríguez is a contemporary artist who was born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1976. He works predominantly in the medium of urban art intervention, drawing and installation, but recently he has included video art to his work production. He received his diploma from the Art Academy “Vicentina de la Torre”, in Camagüey city. Later on he continued his artistic development at the Instutite Superior of Art in Havana, participating in some artshops with important Cuban contemporary artists like Tania Bruguera. He has participated in many group shows and solo shows in Cuba, United States and France.

Ricardo had worked as an art critic proffesor in two Art Academies in Cuba, having a great success in helping students to get a scholarship at the Institute Superior of Art (ISA). He has lived in some Caribbean Islands and is currently residing and working in Bordeaux, France.

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