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A vessel for light and shadow
Light is always bright and positive. On the other hand, shadows created by light are often used in a negative sense. Light and shadow, as they do, coexist and are used in opposite meanings.
Accordingly, I capture the pure and clear image of my childhood as a work, expressing the pure and happy moment of my childhood as a light and now as a shadow of my lost self-interest.
When I think about my childhood, there were many moments when I didn't lose my laughter just by going to the bathroom with my friend. I don't have it now, but at that time, I liked to spend time with my friends rather than money and enjoyed the process of being together rather than the result. The characters in the work contain happy memories of the time in a bowl. As such, I rephrase the happiness I found because I was a child of the pure heart I found in my daily life.
The bowl is a space where I reminisce about the past and draw the current picture to capture the feelings of the time. Like bowls and teacups for food or tea types, I contain purity. People's stories are contained and emptied through the act of capturing and emptying as if it were their original role.
People in the work live in a world made through bowls and teacups, where they spend their time as lovers, families, or individuals. We project through small children through the work and observe the story of imagination.

One day in winter
Plates of colorful shapes are spread out. You look closely that are people. In other words, one day in winter, there are skaters. Families, lovers, or friends gather together and spend their own time. Winter here is cold, but I am having a heart-warming time, such as riding hand in hand, playing catch, or falling while riding fast. As a child, I painted a winter day when I was so lost in time. When we look at young children, we laugh for some reason, because of the innocence of those days, is it?
The cups are piled up. There are children who dream. Sitting holding dolls, climbing down petals, drawing pictures in cups, and various dreams exist, and children are feeling the happiness of achieving those dreams. The falling petals come down as if they were blessing their dreams. That's how kids dream.
We're togther
There is a bowl on the water. There is a lover who enjoys swimming in the bowl. A bowl floating on the silent water, and lovers on the bowl express their happy hearts. Water is thus celebrating their time.
Flowers and glasses
The roses fall on the pretty glass. This is a festival space, a party place. People enjoy the space on the plate here, where they visit with their family, lovers, and friends. They are spending their time happily walking with their dogs, swinging, and missing balloons. As if to bless their time, the petals fall gently.
A summer vacation
Plates of various patterns are spread out. The people who appear here came to enjoy playing in the water. If you look closely in the bowl, there is a family unit, friends, or lovers. I came to avoid hot summer in various forms, such as falling into the water, putting only my legs in it, enjoying the sunlight. If you look far away at the work, the location of the location looks like a heart. If found, you seem to be enjoying the happiness of this art.
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