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Stella Kapezanou is upfront from the start: even though her drawings are in harmony with the figurative practice, her main body of work does not focus on what one would call “pure” realism. Admittedly, her artworks are defined by their accuracy in the depiction of the composition - in fact, at first glance the viewer is propelled to examine their allusion to pop art and photorealism. However, after further observation, it is evident to the viewer that Kapezanou consciously disengages from these visual references. Whilst the artist may be skilfully seeking the proximity in the representation of each subject, her ultimate focus is devoted to the exploration of the various formalistic and expressionistic possibilities offered by the medium of painting. Deliberately “structured”, Kapezanou’s works are “observed” in a distressed atmosphere. Elements such as the vitality or frugality of the design, the pluralism of colour, the choice between illustration or subtraction as well as the meticulous exaggeration of detail and the addition of symbolism in imaginary settings, all come together to heighten the intensity of a multilevel tangible (yet at times elusive) realism, through which the artist approaches the aspects of “modern life”. 

By focusing her attention to the acute and thorough observation of her protagonists, Kapezanou presents a genre of painting whose aim is to “dabble” with the relationships between them. In her works, she frequently returns to familiar imagery while at the same time, she manages to raise concerns over the conventions of the painted depiction thus expanding her artistic boundaries. Ultimately, the canvas - using paint, composition and meaning - becomes a stage where the dominant element is the interpretation and understanding of the human condition. 

Tomorrow Morning at Dawn
Work Credit: 
Tomorrow Morning at Dawn, 2020. Oil on canvas. 130x100 cm
For the Good of the Tides
Work Credit: 
For the Good of the Tides, 2020. Mixed media on canvas. 170x140 cm

Stella Kapezanou was born in Athens, Greece. 

She received her ΜFA from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) where she was awarded an honorary scholarship by the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). With the support of Motoroil Hellas scholarship, received her MA Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts, London, where she was awarded The Frank Bowling Scholarship. 

She is the recipient of The Clyde & Co Emerging Star Award 2017, The Cass Art Prize 2018 and a finalist for The Solo Show Award 2017, The Rise Art Prize 2018  and The ACS Studio Prize 2018. 

She has exhibited her work both in Greece and internationally. She currently works between London and Greece.

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