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In the ancient world, mythology served as a guidepost to humanity, leading us down the path of ethics and morality. These timeless tales shared the wisdom of the ages and revealed the paths of our humanity. Yet, in our modern age, we have abandoned this well-trodden path, forging ahead with relentless determination. But in our insatiable pursuit of progress, we have lost sight of the bigger picture, neglecting the importance of thoughtful consideration. Instead, we have become creatures with magnificent shells but decaying cores, clinging to redefined values that have lost their original meaning. Our relationships have become distorted and our traditions have been stripped of their true symbolism, suffocating us in their emptiness. As we watch the decline of our dignity and the chaos that surrounds us, darkness creeps in, consuming what little remains of our once-great civilization. 

The Veiled Virgin
In ancient Rome, the Vestals were the priestesses of "Vesta", the goddess of home, family and hearth. they guarded the sacred flame in the temple, if the fire died out, the high priestess would accuse one of the virgins of unchastity and sent one of them to the underground chamber for the rest of her life as punishment for such an act. Throughout history, many artists have used the "Veiled Virgin" as the basis for their masterpieces. Most of these works represent Vestals with a veil, showing innocence and decency. I have lived in a society where veiling is a means of misogyny and fettering freedom. And the subject of Veiled Virgin immediately reminded me of the society in which I live. Here, Veiling is an excuse for power seekers to throw women, who are an important part of society, out of the scene. This coercive veil does not reflect free choice because it muffles the cry of freedom. This is an example of suffocation and ignorance which with the complicity of each other, destroys the human life.
Vanitas: a Portrayal of Human Degeneration
Apollo, god of light, he who knows the occult, he who has building skills, owner of the bow and music. Today, mankind has developed a god-like persona. with its knowledge, it's bow string, symbol of militancy, has been stretched more than ever. Yet instead of reaching a prosperous and peaceful present from its past, we find ourselves in a present marred by conflict and decay. Mold, symbol of degeneration creeps over Apollo's face, settling upon his brain, symbol of human thought, as a testament to our declining dignity. Darkness has taken hold, consuming what little remains of our once-great civilization. Size: 63x40x30cm Materials: Herat Marble, Afghanistan Red Onyx, Iranian Pink Onyx, Iranian Green Onyx, Black Marble, Resin, Various Fungus (Aspergillus flavus, Acremonium, penicillium digitatum, Gliocladium), Cotton, Threads About the Project: I started this artwork as a Digital concept, I created the scene in ZBrush and rendered in 3ds max. and then with my friend Mohsen Zare used CNC milling. then the hand sculpting and final details were done, I created the parts separately and attached them together. for the fungus parts I Faced many errors and failures, wrong colors, problem of fixing the fungus, etc. But the thing that kept me going was that I saw that life is growing on a stone, thanks to Ms.Rokni, the Mycologist who helped me to create a pipeline for developing and fixing the fungus. Sara Tehraninia Helped to create a structure and base under the fungus with so they can hold still. It was a really challenging yet amazing experiment for me, and the Sculpture that you're seeing is the first ever Stone sculpture with fungus grown over it.
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Reza Sedghi (Sculptor) Mohsen Zare (CNC operator), Sara Tehraninia (Worked on the Structure for the Fungus), Ms.Rokni (Developing, growing and fixing the Fungus), Nima Ghari (Photograph)
Venus: a Distorted Symbol of Beauty and Love
We live in a Time where we have redefined values and values have lost their original meaning, the highest among them are love and beauty. In the past, beauty was assigned to nature and Golden ratios. Today, beauty is artificial and Golden ratios are achieved in different ways. If Venus is the goddess of beauty, along with beauty, she has the meaning of love. While today, love also has taken a distorted form. filled with distance and dichotomy. Is Venus still a goddess and a symbol of love and beauty? Whatever your answer, it's an answer of an individual that lives in the current time

Reza Sedghi, born in Tehran, Iran in 1993, is a professional sculptor and 3D Character Artist. He began his career in the animation and 3D printing industry as a digital sculptor and 3D character artist and has since expanded into sculpting. His work focuses on themes such as degeneration of human thought, humanity, and the pressing social issues of our time, Reza's work invites us to explore the complexities of the human experience, and to question the world around us.

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