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My approaches to art making are prompted by a poetic longing to document memories as an embodied experience. While my focus is to explore the relationship between the self and the body through time, various elements contribute to my understanding of identity, human experience, and place as a self. The body in my work is regarded as a channel between my internal and external worlds, acknowledging the innate prominence of our bodies as a means of being. The self on the other hand is a fluent form of nature, constantly transforming with time. As you encounter the work, I tell the story of enigmatic figures that hold emphatic gazes with their viewers. Anecdotes that have recognized themselves through memories of places they have been, and people they have known; and bodies that have kept count of every movement, stillness, and trace of time. 

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist" - Rene Magritte
Lighter than a Feather
Oil on canvas 24 x 36 inch 2022
Oil on canvas 36 x 48 inch 2022 Circulation contextualizes the multiplicity of the bodily self by examining how aspects of a complete whole could feel disconnected despite their apparent connection.
Poem: The currents have held the secrets of all its passing strangers promises as transient as turbulent streams and whispers so calm that even the winds repose we dance in parallels echoing the silence and glance to ripples of colors that obscure our reflections

Fine artist Jude Zawaideh was born in Amman, Jordan in 2001. Zawaideh captures the essence of the self in response to the physical body over time. With a focus on a contemporary figurative style, her work serves as a reflective medium that pushes towards notions of self-reflection and naturalistic exploration. Surveying her recollections of childhood, home, relationships, and family, the artist offers layered tokens of the seasons she has flourished through. Zawaideh uses watercolors as a medium that assumes the form of the physical body, underscoring its fluidity and changeability. Whereas, she uses oil paint as a means of materializing the patience it takes to understand oneself candidly. She creates enigmatic, vaguely familiar compositions that explore the multiplicity of the human experience, diving into the artists personal odyssey from childhood to selfhood. Viewers find themselves exchanging glances with subjects immersed in scenes of unexpected yet intensely introspective states.

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