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Yuliya Yasenetska enjoys experimenting with different mediums. She feels that painting, drawing, digital art, printmaking and the combination of these techniques is the representation of variation of things that happens in our life. Humans constantly change, and as an artist, Yuliya continuously seeks improvement and varied methods to express herself.

Yuliya focuses on how her artwork looks and feels, not on ingraining hidden meanings into the art. When children look at the artwork - they don’t question ideas, or start debating on philosophical topics. All they see is colors, shapes, and their own view of the image; blended with their own naive vivid imaginations. She hopes to capture that carefree imagination in her paintings without enforcing any predefined connotations. 

Yuliya is tremendously inspired by nature, civilization, and humanity. What does it mean to be a human being? How does (and should) civilization interact with nature? Each element in her works reflect personalities, feelings, thoughts, and emotions that she experiences in her life. The classic theme of her art is the intersection of both imagination, and the understanding of our place in this world.

Each place she depicts has real personal significance to her. Buildings which often appear in her works are symbols of what everyday humans are building or have built in our lives. They are representations of our past, present, and future. The use of color is fundamental to its simplicity, but also artificially spontaneous in its purity and vividness. The colors are bright and contrasting, the dark lines represent ordinary days, while the grey masses embody the daily routines and rituals that everyone must follow.

In this highly connected modern world, we are constantly and disproportionately exposed to negative emotions. Social media/news thrive and grow of those same negative emotions. This only adds to our life's frustrations such as from work, relationships, and other struggles. Through the light and colorful depictions of her artwork she tries to awaken forgotten joy. Memories of joys similar to what we've all felt as children, like when an ice cream truck tune came playing down the street. Painting was the one thing that always remained full of positive emotions for Yuliya and helped her overcome life's pains, struggles, and personal depression. She hopes that her art can do the same for others who may need a little piece of something pure, positive and uplifting in their lives.

24x30inches, acrylic on wood
24x36inches, acrylic on wood
18x18inches, acrylic on wood We are often caught in the whirl of life, forgetting about colorful beauty of small details that surround us. Be grateful for what you have - your health, your loved ones and yourself. Spreading energy from my atomic world to yours.
World Bearing
36x24inches, oil on canvas A famous Hindu myth about the World Turtle carrying four elephants carrying the Earth is widely known among us. But its nice sometimes to step back and let go the imagination. Just let the turtle flow in the blue abyss of playful colors, carrying our lives on the top of her back. Tortoise carries its millennial wisdom, and we might want to learn a trick or two from her.
16x20inches, acrylic on wood Ability to adapt and change belongs to both chameleons and humans. But don’t forget, that with change of color - we should stay true to our beliefs and values.

Yuliya Yasenetska currently resides in New York City, but was born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine. She began her art career at the age of 6 when she started attending art classes at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. While she enjoyed the opportunity, she consistently refused to imitate someone else’s art. Why copy something that already exists? To create your own vision - felt more authentic to her. Eventually she was asked to leave the school unless she complied with the rules. She did not comply. Despite this, Yuliya never stopped expressing herself through creative processes. Her main forms of expression included poetry, music and the most dear to her heart - painting. This is one of the constants that she would forever rely on to confront the fluctuations of life.

After graduating at 18 with a BS of Digital Publishing, Yuliya applied for a “work and travel” program and spent the summer in the USA while working as a waitress in a small town near Baltimore, MD. This was an opportunity for her to learn a new language and travel, both of which excited her. Unfortunately, her experience was not the glorious vision she initially developed. She worked long 12-hour shifts 6 days a week, all the while living in run down and cramped conditions the likes of which she's never known before. Eventually she could no longer bear the situation and moved to New York. The Big Apple turned out to be very arduous as well. Eventually she fell in love with the city and the opportunity it offered. Through all the ups and downs, quiet evenings and loud days - art was her escape into the unknown, undiscovered, limitless and everlasting. Through these countless escapist artistic journeys Yuliya discovered her own unique expression of herself in a whimsical style she improves on to this day. 

Going to art school was always an unfulfilled dream for Yuliya. She went on to earn her BA degree from Brooklyn College, while working long hours to pay for her education. At first she was nervous about going back to an art institution, but then for the first time she was surrounded by artists who did not limit themselves and instead pushed the boundaries of what art could really portray. For her this was a quintessential world of acceptance of self expression that she had always yearned. Thriving on the school's energy, Yuliya began to win art awards consistently. Few among them include: The Shaw Award, Bernard Horlick Memorial Scholarship in Visual Arts and Art History.

Post graduation there were more ups and downs. She had the opportunity to work with artists Jamie Martinez and Nelson Saiers for a few years, whom further influenced her creative expression. But unexpectedly due to some personal circumstances and the emotional burden inflected by it, for the first time in her life she took a step away from art. Financial difficulties also followed, so she began to focus on a new passion of hers: software engineering. She has now been a developer for two years, and has greatly enjoyed being able to create her own worlds through the power of computer programming.

Over life’s journeys, Yuliya has acquired a unique perspective and a rich skillset with which to express her vision through art. And she is thankful for all of those experiences. As her sense of normality has begun to return, and all the pieces of her life slowly come back together, so has her true passion, art.

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