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Lucy Wood

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I currently work on paper and cotton voile with mixed mediums (graphite, pastels, gouache) to combine detailed illustrations with expressive colour and marks.

My works are meditations on the way I observe the world. The catalyst for this was my own realisation that not everyone senses/sees colour when they hear sound. Something that seemed so normal to me, was a foreign concept to another.

Combining my illustrative hand with abstracted colour & texture, my works encompass two sides of a creative personality - How I see  |  How it feels.

Memory of a journey by train
A memory from past travels, capturing the sunbursts and light reflections bouncing off glass windows as the scenery floats by.
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Lucy Wood

I completed a fine art diploma at TAFE Queensland, before going on to study interior design & built environment at university. From there I spent the most of my careerer working as an illustrator and textile designer before returning to peruse art again in 2017.

In 2019 I had my first solo show in Melbourne, Australia, followed by several group shows and being shortlisted for an art prize.

This year I have actively pursued both the art community here in the UAE, showing work and running a workshop with Black and White Diary’s traveling gallery in Dubai. And maintained my connection to the community in Melbourne.

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