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Alice Miller

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My paintings explore our ambivalent relationship with darkness in modernity. Through darkness and touch, framed within the context of nocturnal social scenes, I rework everyday reliance on light and vision in Western culture. Observing moving bodies within nightclubs provided initial inspiration — these dark spaces alter behaviour and rules of social interaction, lowering inhibitions and increasing intimacy.

Each piece is a direct translation of a single image — a mobile phone photograph or video still, depicting or taken by myself, in which I have experienced the viewpoint of the camera’s detached lens. Photorealism shows the camera’s presence as opposed to reality — a fragment of time expands on the painting’s surface. Figures’ identities become impenetrable and the image loses specificity.

Pre-Drink Card Trick
Oil on wood, 30 x 17 cm
Nighttime Conversation
Oil on wood, 40 x 30 cm

Painter and Loughborough University Fine Art Graduate

United States
New York
United States
New York City
United States
New York City



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