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My art attempts to describe the complex interplay between the subconscious emotions aroused by music and their visual representation. Music, with its profound ability to awaken our most profound sentiments, serves as the impetus for this artistic journey. The emotions that a tune invokes act as a conduit to our innermost beings, echoing within us as a force that, while invisible, is palpably real.

In my approach, I surrender control to the music, allowing it to steer my hands. Thus, my hands subconsciously channel these stirred emotions onto the canvas. The resulting imagery is abstract and sometimes tumultuous, yet always rich with an emotional narrative. These visuals are akin to the complex strata of existence observed through a microscope—complex, objective, and fundamentally primal in their depiction of our reality.

Guided by the subconscious, these images emerge as if they are an affirmation of a deeply rooted belief in the essence of the world—as though our reality is a colossal, virtual laboratory experiment, and we, as humans, are an accumulation of data, like cellular clusters scrutinized under a microscope. Our emotions then render an objective abstraction of this data, capturing moments of fragility, splendor, and the existential dance's nihilistic allure.

With music as my muse, I channel these sublime experiences onto the canvas, thereby creating a space where emotions take center stage as both the subjects and the objects. Through this artistic lens, we can perceive the helplessness and magnificence of our shared human narrative.

Ars Longa , Vita Brevis.
Subconscious Voice #1
Subconscious Voice #2
Subconscious Voice #3
Subconscious Voice #4
Subconscious Voice #5

Art is enduring, life fleeting. Art provides a medium through which we can be remembered, memorialized, and leave an indelible mark. In my work, I aim to delve deeper than surface-level recollections, seeking to uncover the emotional impressions that linger long after the events themselves have faded. I employ the universal languages of music and color to 
evoke these complex emotions and cement them in memory. My objective is to translate these nuanced, sometimes ineffable emotions into visual representations. I invite the audience to choose a song they like to accompany the visual help to reconstruct the memory. The combination of visual art and music opens an emotional gateway, allowing viewers to connect with their past on a profoundly personal level.

United States
Los Angeles
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United Arab Emirates



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