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Jenny Chernansky

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Drawing from historical, symbolic, religious and mythological imagery, Jenny Chernansky traces anew an ontology of female representation and inequality, by translating contemporary feminist ideas into installations where new media is often paired with paintings made using traditional techniques. Using mixed media, painting, and photography, the inner landscape of our minds is explored weaving a labyrinth of dream-like images. Concepts of the shadow self, feminine archetypes, and cross-cultural symbolism are often present. Allusions to the past are present while being brought into a contemporary and futuristic context; incorporating the past with the future, creating a friction and symbiosis between the two.

Photograph, taken with lomochrome 120 film with a Mamiya 7ii camera
Photograph, taken with ilford 120 film with a Holga camera

Jenny Chernansky grew up in inner city Chicago, with her mother and grandfather both being artists. She attended Columbia College Chicago getting her BA in Art and Design before moving to New Orleans where she continued her study and practice before returning to Chicago for her MFA. Jenny has shown her work internationally, has attended the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts,  and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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